Congressman Jeff Flake's Attack Ad Against Opponent Rich Carmona Features Woman Who Exaggerated Her Resume for Nation's Top Health Adviser

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Cristina Beato, former supervisor of U.S. Senate candidate Rich Carmona

One of the latest political ads that's emerged in the fight for Arizona's U.S. Senate seat attacks Democrat Richard Carmona over an incident he says never happened.

Congressman Jeff Flake, the Republican running against Carmona, released a 30-second ad claiming Carmona has a temper and doesn't play well with women.

The piece features Cristina Beato, a Cuban immigrant who rose to the ranks of Acting Assistant Secretary of Health under President George W. Bush from 2003 to 2005 -- but wasn't confirmed to that post by the U.S. Senate amid questions that she wasn't truthful about her professional credentials.

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In the ad, embedded at the bottom of this post, she accuses Carmona of pounding on her door around midnight and adds that's she's a single mom and "feared for children."

But Beato -- even though former colleagues have vouched for professional integrity -- has documented issues with credibility that taint the veracity of her account.

Carmona says the allegations are patently false.

Who to believe?

Well, there are two things we know for sure.

First, in 2004, the Washington Post published a story about Beato's tendency to exaggerate her education and professional credentials, citing that she "may not be considered for confirmation -- amid questions about whether she fabricated or inflated portions of her résumé."

In the article, even one of Beato's defenders admits that Beato stretched the truth in some cases. And it doesn't even mention Carmona, so it shouldn't be dismissed as an attempt to discredit her allegations against the U.S. Senate candidate.

Secondly, Beato never was confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

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Already voted for Carmona,  Flake is a fake and a sleeze bag.


This T.V. Commercial sickened me at how low Flake is willing to go.


Flake you are a Sleaz Bag.


Choose the right?


You "Latter Day Saint"


Please slither away.

G Paul Hudak
G Paul Hudak

I have no idea what this post means. But no matter what, Jeff Flake, the millionaire non military polygamist guy who believes in a god from another planet must be right. Just kidding. The special ops combat medic surgeon general picked by the president is probably right instead.


Beato says Carmona has anger issues. I would too if my supervisor was a liar.


Jeff "I'll only serve 3 terms" Flake lying to get elected - say it isn't so!

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