Obama Versus Romney, Round Two: Who Won This Debate?

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Willard Mitt Romney (left) and Barack Hussein Obama II.
President Obama and Mitt Romney engaged in an event last night that was billed as a "debate," and given the nature of the so-called "debate," somebody's got to be the winner.

According to the apparent mainstream media consensus, Obama won the debate, to tie the debate record at 1-1.

We call the debate a "debate" because there was a severe lack of actual debating going on, although there were some spicy moments in last night's forum.

Perhaps the most controversial moment of the debate is when Romney accused Obama of waiting a few weeks before calling the attack on the Benghazi, Libya consulate an act of "terror."

CNN moderator Candy Crowley decided to butt in at that point, and note that Obama called it an act of "terror" the day after the attack. Post-debate, there seemed like there was a memo passed around Fox News mandating that everyone have an absolute freak-out about this, and you can read that side of the story here.

As for the non-important debate happenings, Obama said Romney's is bigger than his -- Romney's pension, that is.

So, if you watched the debate -- hell, even if you didn't watch it -- who "won"?

Cast your vote below:

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Flyer9753 topcommenter

Romney got his ass kicked hard last night and the interesting thing is he did it primarily to himself.


Interesting how we still do not know the details of ANY of Mitts plans and even in the debate last night he flip-flopped again versus his earlier statements


Although there is the newly published Romney tax plan - check it out




Romney kicked Obama's trash last time.  This time, Obama did better, but he certainly didn't "win."  Undecideds are breaking Romney's way, and unless the momentum changes, Romney will probably win.  Bwahahahhaaaa!

david_saint01 topcommenter

 @Susurro_Perforado i dont know why you are laughing...maybe you enjoy the thought of a theocracy ran by the rich, with the poor being their slaves..i dont know? 

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