Mesa High Schoolers Apparently Smoke "Spice," Get High Enough to Warrant a Hospital Visit

Somehow, seven Mesa High School kids landed in the nurse's office yesterday with the same symptoms, and four were taken to local hospitals.

The mystery illness was apparently solved after one of the students told the cops they were all smoking the synthetic-chemical-laden substance known as "spice."

The youngsters -- who apparently didn't read our series on "spice" and "bath salts" tales -- were all in the nurse's office with high blood pressure, elevated heart rates, and elevated body temperatures, according to a Mesa police spokesman.

All seven students initially said they hadn't ingested anything illegal that would've caused this, although they may have been correct due to the questionable legality of "spice."

However, one of the kids finally told officers that it was the "spice" that did them in.

A Mesa police spokesman says it doesn't appear that any of the kiddos are still in the hospital.

Police are still investigating the students' apparent spice session.

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There ought to be a website reporting on all local public schools every day. I hear my kids' school was out of control today. . . yet I have already been contacted by the school (automated) about his punishment. Why is he being punished? The school was so out of control that he could not get through the crowd to his class. We need to have the overall picture of what our kids and teachers are dealing with every day.

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