Maricopa County Mugshots of the Week: Party Time

Following in the footsteps of our sister papers of South Florida, Miami New Times and Broward-Palm Beach New Times, we bring you the weekly roundup of visitors to the desert's own Fourth Avenue Jail.

Between being passed out, dressed up, inked up, or just plain messy, our alleged law-violators this week look like they came to party -- or something like that.


Charges: Dangerous-drug possession, probation violation
Hello? Helloooooooooooo? Yep, that's drool.

Charge: Disorderly conduct
This one's for the people who blame the president for the unemployment rate. Might as well just get "NOT SEEKING GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT" tattooed between those mime eyes.

Charges: Criminal trespassing, theft, failure to appear
It's hard to tell whether there's something interesting on the ceiling, or if this is what demonic possession looks like. You can never go wrong with an exorcism, though.

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I was born in old St Joes, and I lived tin Phoenix on and off for my first 28 years, I live in Northern Az now, and when I see what the heck is going on in Phoenix now, it bogles the mind, and to see these tattoos on these peoples faces is just to sad, how the heck do they expect to get a decent job, or any job at all? If they are lucky enough to grow to old age, they WILL regret those tattoos, maybe by then they will have ways to remove them that don't involve major pain and money.


@FakeJanBrewer Phoenix's finest!


@carIisIe "The birds, birds have sung..." *snaps fingers*


The New Times has hit an all time low with this post. I am appalled. These people deserve privacy and it is bad enough that the sheriff's office is publishing them but adding insult to injury by putting sarcastic captions below is beyond cruel.


Tattos on a persons face like this guy's should be against the law.


I have to agree with the other two who have posted here.  One of the huge issues I have with Arpaio is his absolute joy and pride in his abuse and humiliation of human beings.  As zig mentioned, part of what happened leading up to Marty Antencio's death was Joe's goon squad messing with him to try and get a "good" mug shot for the MCSO website.


I don't think there is anything funny about mental illness, and if you have ever had a loved one suffer from mental illness, you wouldn't find it funny either.  There is also nothing funny about addiction, and most of the people (aka human beings) that end up in those mug shots struggle with one or the other (or both) issues.


How about if instead we return to the weekly "You Write The Caption" contest and try to keep the dark humor directed toward public figures, particularly our local politicians.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

really matt? do you really want to emulate joe's slammer magazine? you know, the one where right after they murdered marty atencio, they put his picture on the front page as "mugshot of the week" just a few hours after they killed him. 



Oh the hyporcisy!!  On the one hand, the New Times is dedicated to criticizing everything that the MCSO and its facist leader does.  On the other hand, the New Times suckles at the tit of the MCSO's public embarassment/scarlet letter/publish the embarassing mugshots website for a few cheap laughs.  (for those unaware, its clear that these mugshots are taken straight from  Which is it, New Times...The MCSO and Arpaio suck, in part, for publicly humiliating un-tried/un-sentenced individuals as part of its Taliban approach to criminal justice or, yeah, the MCSO and Arpaio are OK after all.  

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