Maricopa County Mugshots of the Week: Glad to Sad

Following in the footsteps of our sister papers of South Florida, Miami New Times and Broward-Palm Beach New Times, we bring you the weekly roundup of visitors to the desert's own Fourth Avenue Jail.

This week, the jail saw some happy campers and not-so-happy campers, so this week's collection of mugshots starts with a guy who just seems truly elated to be locked up, then folks just get progressively sadder:

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Charge: Assault, unlawful imprisonment, disorderly conduct
Who has two thumbs and is happy to be here? This guy!

Charge: Resisting Arrest
"And then he said, 'Stop resisting!' LOL!"

Charge: Assault
Assault on what? A World of Warcraft character?

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Shoplifting? As in food? Burglary? As in need $ for drugs or food? How many are into drugs cuz of no jobs? Or no decent paying jobs?


ha ha, this is quite funny. I love to laugh at and mock the degenerate lower classes. there's a conspicuous absence of mexicans, though. they make up a large, and growing, segment of our criminal population. I would like to see, laugh at and mock some mexicans' mugshots too.


Really you're doing the same shit Arpaio is doing ? This is just fucking sad.

Diane D'Angelo
Diane D'Angelo

On the one hand, New Times does everything it can to get rid of Arpaio. On the other, it plays right into his game for the sake of click-throughs. Nice.

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

The state is filled with enough hatred, racism and bigotry, along with dehumanizing people, mocking them and turning them into commodities for $$'s, that we find the "mug shots" mocking detainees unacceptable in a civilized society. We understand civility is not a word that describes Arizona, but over 40% of the inmates are non-violent in Arizona. 


At the very least, start a "mug shot" series on the Arizona officials, those who are in positions of trust who have been disbarred, are being investigated, facing professional misconduct, facing criminal charges, misdemeanors, domestic violence, officers who have shot and killed people, family pets and abused their power.  Then the public would have a more realistic set of choices to determine who they should fear and who the real criminals might be that put them at risk.


Matt, What goes around comes around in this state. So hope you never find yourself, one of your family members (who are innocent) or any of your friends on one of the "mug shots".



See, these pictured are right where they belong.... in jail.  Sad?  I don't think so.


@Diane D'Angelo Pull your head out. You've been to these pages more than once.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

 @JoeArpaioFan if Dever had on his seat belt or if the airbag deployed, his picture could very well be one of the ones we see in this article. if we go by your beliefs and your comments, Dever was a very bad man and got what he deserved. by your quotes, he should have suffered and you are glad this happened. he broke the law, so in your opinion justice was served. i dont think he needed to die like this, but by your previous quotes and your do


 @JoeArpaioFan Only thing said is the reflection you get when you see yourself in the mirror..................Oh shit another day looking like I ran into a wall .oh well jaf look at it this way............. in a short while you'll be looking for someone elses wee wee to play with.................. jo your owner is toast! go hit up your homie studboi from penile county. I'm sure he'll give you a crack at it !


 @JoeArpaioFan And your illegal ass belongs to ICE. Instead, the Flaccid Failure owns your ass now. He's going to be giving you a call soon, to come back to bed. 

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