Maricopa County Elections Office Had More Materials With Wrong Election Date in Spanish, So It Got a Calendar

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Photo by Matthew Hendley
Randy Parraz and Citizens for a Better Arizona members explain the difference between November 6 and November 8.
The Maricopa County Elections Department documents showing the incorrect date for the election -- but just in Spanish -- were not the only things offering the wrong date for Spanish speakers.

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It turns out that some bookmarks produced by the county elections office also contained the wrong date in Spanish -- again, 8 de Noviembre instead of the 6th -- which led Citizens for a Better Arizona's Randy Parraz to attempt to deliver a calendar to Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell.

"What are you supposed to believe?" Parraz asked, as he pointed to the calendar, explaining the difference between November 6th, Election Day, and November 8th, which is not Election Day.

Especially after the erroneous CBS 5 report stating that it was illegal for people to pick up others' early ballots, Parraz says Purcell ought to be proactive about telling Spanish-speakers the correct date.

"Sheriff Arpaio benefits from this," Parraz said, as he explained that it's unknown how many Spanish-speakers may not be able to vote for these reasons.

"We are not going to sit back quietly," he added.

So, Parraz and CBA members marched into the elections office and asked to speak with Purcell.

The woman at the voter-registration window told Parraz she wasn't there, so he asked the woman to call her.

"I'm not going to call her," she replied.

While other people were still in the elections office for a variety of reasons, Parraz informed the room of the recent incidents involving the election's office, saying, "This is not acceptable in any county."

The large calendar was held up, as Parraz pointed back-and-forth, explaining, "This is the 6th; this is the 8th. Can vote; can't vote."

The bookmark with faulty information in Spanish.

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its irrelevant what date is on some erroneous crap from the elections office.  The election date for POTUS has always been the first Tuesday of November.   And i find it hard to believe that the wrong date would have any effect on people.  with all of the TV coverage during the run up to elections you'd think everyone would know when to get off their asses to go vote. 


Plenty will say they deserve it for refusing to learn the lingua franca but anybody who believes that has probably long given up on posting comments here. Just sayin . . . Where can I move to who will provide me with free translator to qualify for free income and where can I move to who will teach me la lingua franca for FREE? I am ready. Where is this place?


Wow, talk about some cruel irony. The same mistake made ONLY IN SPANISH on TWO SEPARATE election documents? What are the odds?


Shall we all hold our collective breaths waiting, while we see if Helen Purcell conducts an intensive internal investigation to see who made this 'clerical error' and holds those people accountable?


Nah, that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.


This was clearly no accident or mistake is in my opinion intentional and clearly designed to do one thing keep...................  Hispanics from voting . Is everyone supposed to just sit back and forget about it? I for one am not going to ever forget it. I remember when I was Proud to say I was from Arizona ...........The corruptness in its peak is starting to show. How many more heads will roll before we get to the top?Will we get to the top? Stay tuned boys and girls to fun in sand land home of the easily deceived and where you can't trust ANYONE in public office .......the higher up you go the more evil and corruptness you see Is there no end to this madness?  

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

All media need to get busy and get the word out that election day es seis de Noviembre. Especially the Spanish-language media. I've yet to read or see anything that says they're paying any attention to this subterfuge.



 Eric, I was told by a Spanish speaking police officer (PPD retired) today that the Spanish language stations having been "blasting" the news that the actual voting day is the 6th. Since I don't speak Spanish I can't say this is accurate, however.

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