Maricopa County Elections Department Starting Spanish Campaign Due to Election-Date Error, Which Supervisor Wilcox Calls a "Tragedy"

Photo by Matthew Hendley
Earlier this week, some were protesting the elections office. Now everyone's singin' Kumbaya.
The Maricopa County Elections Department released some of the details this morning about the Spanish-language campaign it's putting on, in an effort to set the record straight for any Spanish-speaking voters who may have been confused by errors made by the department.

On two occassions, people noticed that materials distributed by the elections office listed Election Day as November 6 in English, but right next to it, the erroneous date of 8 de Noviembre was listed in Spanish.

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County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox said the elections department "will be reviewing how [the errors] got there in the first place," and referred to the errors as a "tragedy."

Wilcox and County Recorder Helen Purcell tried to deflect questions about how those errors were placed in there, instead trying to get everyone to focus on the Spanish-language campaign.

Wilcox said the plan is to use $30,000 in county funds for this campaign -- which includes flyers, radio ads, and TV ads -- but added that "if we need more, we will evaluate that."

The ads are slated to start running tomorrow on Spanish networks, and the radio ad -- which was previewed at a press conference this morning -- explains that an error was made, and reminds Spanish-speaking voters that the election date is November 6.

Most of the Latino leaders speaking at the press conference explained that they were satisfied with the county's move for an outreach campaign like this.

"It's not a crime to make a printing error," Democratic state Senator Steve Gallardo said. "It's a crime if you don't do anything."

Even Lydia Guzman -- who accompanied Randy Parraz and Citizens for a Better Arizona to drop off a calendar at the elections office earlier this week -- spoke at the press conference to voice her support of the elections office's move.

Although everyone seemed satisfied, Wilcox admitted that they can't be 100 percent sure that this campaign will rectify the errors.

Meanwhile, Purcell's still defending herself and her office from accusations of voter-suppression tactics, as these errors made national news.

"I wouldn't do that, and my staff would never do that," she said.

Wilcox said there will be an "investigation" into what happened, and assured everyone in attendance that there will be more answers at a later date.

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Hello, my fellow American voters!


I watched the 4 October debates which covered 28 topics:  jobs; spending/budget deficit/debt; tax reform; federal gov’t economic regulation and role; medicare; social security; entitlements (medicaid, food stamps, etc.); healthcare; gas prices; equal pay; abortion; illegal immigrants; assault weapons; partisan gridlock; negative campaign tactics; candidate misperceptions; Bush policies; Obama’s record; U.S. world role; military policy/spending; U.S. national security threats; Libya, Syria; Egypt; Israel; Iran; Afghanistan; China.


Romney and Ryan won all 4 debates, although Romney slightly won the 2nd and 3rd debates. 

In the 3rd debate (unlike in prior debates), Obama reflected his weakness and disrespect by interrupting Romney a lot and using too many “one-line quips” to try to denigrate Romney.

Ryan won despite Biden’s consistently rude behavior (often interrupted Ryan, laughed when Ryan talked, pointed his finger). 

Romney/Ryan won with substance, directness, integrity, respect, clarity, facts, commitment, inspiration, credibility, and leadership. 


As an INDEPENDENT female feminist (egalitarian) voter, I support the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Romney and Ryan, with their no-nonsense and methodic approach to solving America’s problems, are the best persons in terms of qualifications and character to lead our country and make life better for all Americans.  I hope that you are inspired by Romney/Ryan!


Best regards,


Cas Lee

Flyer9753 topcommenter

While I can reasonably understand a printing error on 1 piece of documentation, the fact this showed up on TWO separate documents that came out of this office and printer tells me this was deliberate on SOMEONES part.


Whether that someone is an election official or the typesetter at the printer, someone did this.


if I was Mex i might consider skipping the election, show up on the 8th, then sue them to hell and back


September 11th was a tragedy as was December 7th.


This is a simple reason to score political points with a constituency...something Ms Wilcox is all familiar with.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

so they said they are going to spend $30,000 in ads to correct this mistake. they said they will have over 1000 radio ads. that would mean they are spending under $30 a spot for radio time. just how much info do they plan on getting out at under $30 a spot?


Whats with the we owe nobody ballots in Spanish YOU don't have ANYTHING to do with the election process so quit trying to usurp any affiliation to it your shit scum bag! You belong in a cracker jack box .as do all your chomo friends!


Because our official language is English, we owe nobody ballots in Spanish.  Otherwise we'd have to print them in any other language requested.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

 @CasLee wow........are you high or what? just a tip for ya CasLee, lay off the crack pipe. you may think its fun to sit back, hit the old glass pipe and  watch the debate, but please dont do that when you go vote. I dont even like Obama and even i have to say he tore Romney up on the second debate, and he held his own pretty good on the 3rd one. so you were either high as a kite or you werent watching the Obama Romney debates. the only one you can definitly score as a win for Romney, was the first one. when i go to vote, I'll look for you, I should be able to recognize you by the crack pipe blisters on your lips

Flyer9753 topcommenter





Thanks for the SPAM that had nothing to do with the article and was nothing more than a Presidential Campaign commercial.


The Romney campaign and the republicans must be really really desperate if they are going around registering accounts on blogs just to be able to spam their bullshit message out there.


Especially in a state that the GOP has carried routinely in the past.


Tells me they are really worried Arizona might actually go the way of intelligent people this election and be a nice shade of blue instead of that angry low brow red.


I actually think this might be JAF in disguise with those debate comments since he does the same, say the exact opposite of what the majority of the media reports.... or is that just a typical republican action..... (rhetorical question)


So has Mittens found those tax returns yet?


Has he figured out yet the difference between 'legitimate rape' and just rape?


Did he learn his geography yet and figure out Iran has it's own way to the sea?


How does it feel knowing that the male who posted this SPAM on other blogs got paid more than you for the same work? Or at least he will under Romney.


Do you think Romney will fully defund NASA? If so, how will Romney ever find Kolab again?


I am sure you will enjoy being a second class citizen, if even that lucky, in Mittens eyes. After all, you have ovaries.


But have no fear, whether you like or dislike Romney it really doesn't matter since in 5 minutes he will change so you will like him, until 5 minutes after that... and 5 minutes after that... and 5 minutes after that....


Romney is nothing more than $8T reasons not to vote for him since it's impossible to cut enough to pay for the Romney budget which is primarily needing a bigger gun (massive military increases) since the republicans are all about how big your dick is.



 @jon49417  The Republicans would love that idea.  In fact getting "Mexicans" to not show up to vote is exactly what they want.



Flyer9753 topcommenter



Would not work. It's your responsibility to know the election dates, not theirs to tell you what it is.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

it just came out in the paper, they are spending $30,000 to buy over 1000 radio ads, over 65,000 printed ads, and over 25,000 pamphlets to correct this error. do the math, these are going to be some seriously skimpy notices. go look up how much it costs to run an ad in the paper in the classified section, then call up a print shop and see how much to pint up 25,000 400 word pamphlets, you wont even have to call a radio station, you would have already blown your budget.

Flyer9753 topcommenter



Once again, WRONG! (gee, big surprise there)


The United States has no "Official" language, look it up.


While Arizona has a state law as to the State of Arizonas official language, that has no bearing on a national election.


danzigsdaddy topcommenter

 @marcy  this was a mistake, braillards death was a mistake, Marty  Atencio's death was a mistake, Norbergs death was a mistake, Ivies death was a mistake, 432 uninvestigated sex crimes was a mistake,  $100 million dollars mismanaged was a mistake, and many, many more mistakes were made. this is the same reason they are saying to get rid of Obama, but if its Republican mistakes......we are supposed to just accept it? yeah, like that really makes sense 

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

 @marcy  and thats why every time they say "mistake" you really have to wonder, especially in this state and county 

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