Kevin Kolb Out for "Unspecified Time Frame"; John Skelton's in Charge Again

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Kevin Kolb -- he's hurt.
Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb didn't break any bones during Sunday's loss to the Buffalo Bills, which is probably the only good news the team has today about the quarterback.

Kolb does have damage to his rib cartilage, as well as a sprained sternoclavicular joint -- more specifically, several of his ribs reportedly detached from his sternum -- which the team says will keep him off the field for an "unspecified time frame."

According to the usually-accurate Adam Schefter from ESPN, this translates to "several weeks."

To quote Terrell Owens...

"Sniff, sniff* That's my quarterback.

Kolb was injured on what appeared to be a broken play (video here), as it looked like he was planning on handing the ball of to his running back, who was blocking a Bills defender at the time.

Kolb then tried to run it himself, and ended up getting sacked by two Bills big-boys.

Quarterback John Skelton -- who was the starter at the beginning of the season, before he got injured (and Kolb started winning) -- will again take over the starting role.

Skelton pulled some wins out of nowhere last year when he was thrown into the starting role after another Kolb injury, and statistics aside, the guy won some games -- he went 5-2 as the starter.

However, after landing the permanent starting job at the beginning of this season, Skelton injured his ankle in the first game, and Kolb led the Cardinals on what turned out to be the game-winning drive against the Seattle Seahawks.

Skelton wasn't so hot in his return on Sunday, either.

Coming in cold against the Bills after Kolb's injury, Skelton completed just two passes in 10 attempts, although one of those passes -- completed to Larry Fitzgerald -- set up the game-winning field goal attempt in the fourth quarter.

Kicker Jay Feely missed that 38-yard field goal, which Feely has said was deflected, and Skelton threw an interception in overtime that set up the game-winning field goal by the Bills' Rian Lindell.

According to information from the NFL's communications office, Skelton led the Cardinals on game-winning drives in the fourth quarter or overtime six times in his last 10 games, not including this season's games.

The 2011 Cardinals hold the NFL record for most overtime wins in a season.

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Kolb You were doing a great job, however please learn to slide feet first?


We know you are tough, but take advantage of the rules that are designed to protect Qaurtebacks.

david_saint01 topcommenter

i thought the guy landing on him after he was down would have drawn a flag or a fine...guess not. Dirty play though i think..Kolb was actually looking decent we get to watch Skelton blow it

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