Joseluis Marquez Found Guilty of Murder in 2010 Death of ASU Student Kyleigh Sousa

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Joseluis Marquez
A jury found Joseluis Marquez guilty of first-degree murder and robbery in the 2010 death of 21-year-old Arizona State University student Kyleigh Sousa.

Sousa was dragged by a car in an attempted robbery of her purse in an IHOP parking lot just south of the University's Tempe campus on May 26, 2010. She later died from her injuries.

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Marquez, then 20 years old, was arrested more than six months later, in December, 2010.

In an apparent attempt to avoid the all-or-nothing result of a first-degree murder trial, Marquez's lawyer offered prosecutors a plea deal in which Marquez would plead guilty to one count of manslaughter, and give him a prison sentence between 13.5 and 18 years.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office replied, No. A spokesman for the MCAO told New Times at the time -- in March -- that prosecutors didn't even counter that proposal.

It's now apparent why -- a court spokesman announced that a verdict had been reached this morning, less than an hour after the jury was scheduled to start deliberations.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery was at the Tempe Police Department's press conference to announce Marquez' arrest in December, 2010, and the then-newly elected county attorney said he believed the first-degree murder charge was appropriate in the case. That too seems fitting, in retrospect.

Marquez helped the cops catch him by getting a photo-radar ticket a couple weeks before Sousa's death, driving the same rental car he was allegedly driving during the botched robbery.

According to court documents, once police found out who the other occupants of the vehicle were, they told the cops Marquez was the driver and the person who grabbed Kyleigh's purse, leading to her death.

Police first contacted Marquez nearly a month before his arrest -- when he provided police with a story that later proved to be false, according to the cops -- but he would eventually be arrested after police tracked down the rental car.

Marquez is scheduled to be sentenced on December 14, and although Marquez faces life in prison, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery notes that Marquez could become eligible for release after serving 25 years.

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Justice was served, what a waste of life.


I'm surprised that the comments so far have not called for his release by and saying that his prosecution was simply racial.  I do hope though that he is punished with a needle in his arm.


Eyeball witness, convicted by a jury of his peers, life without. Now the others involved.  RIP Miss Sousa. peace

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

 @JoeArpaioFan take your racist bullshit somewhere else. this article is about Kylie getting the justice she deserves and her family getting their closure, only you would turn it into some racist rant about people claiming he should be let go because he's hispanic. i never see eye to eye with godhatesdems, yet here i am cheering his comment. screw you for detracting from Kylie and her  family getting the justice they richly deserve, just to get your racial rant in. this has nothing to do with race and only you see it as a issue. i have met some seriously racist pieces of shit, but you put them to shame. you are the only one who is seeing any kind of racial angle to this, and for you to even start on it here makes you one seriously sick piece of crap. 

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