John McCain and Jon Kyl Named Among the "Worst of the Worst" for America's Middle Class

According to the progressives, these fellows are the "worst of the worst."
According to a group that calls itself a "strategy center for the progressive movement," Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl are the worst for the proverbial middle class.

They're actually in a 19-way tie among Senators for being the "worst of the worst," which, as you can imagine coming from a progressive group, is made up entirely of Republicans.

Campaign for America's Future says it's not trying to measure how "liberal" or "conservative" a member of Congress is, but instead the organization says it's "measuring members of Congress against the kitchen-table needs and concerns of middle-class voters."

So, the organization graded everyone in Congress based on their votes on 10 bills that it deems symbolic of priorities for the so-called middle class.

You can find the list of those bills (or in one case, an amendment to a bill) below, along with links that include descriptions:

Campaign for America's Future agreed with precisely zero of McCain's and Kyl's votes on those bills.

In the House, all of Arizona's congressmen managed to avoid getting on the crap list.

Democratic Congressmen Raul Grijalva and Ron Barber both got perfect scores, although Barber was only around to vote on two of those bills.

According to Campaign for America's Future, it's going to use the scores to buy Google ads targeting 10 of the "worst of the worst" Representatives in their elections this year.

Click here to see all the rankings.

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It's nothing that we don't already know that both McCain & his puppet Kyl are the worst of the worst. What I find troublesome now that Kyl is retiring the AZ Republic wants to replace Kyl with another McCain puppet with Flake. There endorsement of Flake proves that the Republic and their editorial boards heads are up McCain's fat behind. All McCain cares about is tax breaks for the super wealthy, large corporation, even those who ship their jobs overseas and his wars. All this McCain and Flake wants to do on the backs of the sick, weak, disadvantage, poor, working poor, middle class, minorities, WOMEN and VETERANS. McCain and Flake are the first in Washington that calls for wars yet, both Flake and McCain are the first to vote to deny the returning veterans any benefits. Of course as we already know the Defense and Oil Industries own both Flake and McCain. It's a shame that the Republic's heads are so far up McCain's behind that they approve of McCain's despicable ways. Since McCain's disastrous run for the presidency and his landslide defeat. McCain became a old senile, frustrated, revengeful, vindictive, hate mongering warmonger. who wants the country to fail. McCain's slogan "Country First" is just typical B S by McCain. with McCain it's "McCain First"! Again I repeat it's awful that the AZ Republic condone John McCain and Jeff Flake. A VOTE FOR FLAKE IS A VOTE FOR WARS. VOTE FOR PEACE AND VOTE FOR CARMONA. At least Carmona will be his own man and answer to the voters. Flake would be a McCain puppet and stooge and answer to John McCain not us voters!


McCains office used to have a reputation for helping people. So after decades of work my Social Security is less than someone who never worked a day their life & I want to know why. Same for my spouse. After 5 plus decades work plus honorable military service his SS retirement is less than what a 21 year old never worked disabled person gets - and the disabled person also gets foodstamps but we don't qualify. But McCain's staff will never question government accounting on behalf of constituents. They did not help. They treated us poorly for even asking. Plus his veterans' benefits have been filed for years ago and never processed. Know many other people in same boat. In other states they have "service officer" to help. AZ has no service officer. AZ has nobody to help you get what is rightfully yours.


@ExpertShot @sarum Thanks. Will try. Saw on rez they have SO but he not tribal member - even tho he is tribal. When we called around VA phone numbers the people that answer the phone say "whaaaaa?" And of course cannot have anybody around to ask, or bother to ask - even at the VA on Central! Looks like they updated that site - cuz last time no SO for AZ at all - June '12 it says. We had someone to help for a minute supposedly - she even had office at VA & van to transport veterans - she took all kinds of info - then disappeared - very damn strange - no follow-up - nobody knows nothing. Nobody knows her name, who she was, who replaced her . . . . very effing strange I say.

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