Jodon Romero, Man Who Committed Suicide Live on Fox News, Was Out of Prison for Almost Four Whole Months

Jodon Romero
Jodon Frank Romero, the man whose suicide was shown live on national television thanks to Fox News, was out of prison for almost four whole months before shooting himself in the head Friday.

Phoenix police released some additional details about the events leading up to the suicide, as well as the suspect's name, which allows us to find some details on who this guy was.

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Many of the details explained to New Times shortly after the shooting remain the same -- Romero hit someone's car while walking down the street, then stole a car at gunpoint shortly before police started chasing him.

Once police determined that continuing to pursue Romero was too dangerous, police went into "surveillance" mode, which included following him with undercover units and a police helicopter.

Near 44th Avenue and Roosevelt, two officers -- one inside an undercover vehicle, the other standing outside a second undercover vehicle -- were parked off to the side of the road. Romero drove at the officers and shot at them before driving his car onto Interstate 10.

At least one car was hit with a bullet, but the officers themselves were not hit.

While driving west on Interstate 10, Romero also shot from the car at a police helicopter, according to police. By the time Romero drove out to around 500th Avenue, he exited the interstate, drove south, and started heading back east.

Romero stopped the car at 491st Avenue, got out, and started running. According to a Phoenix police spokesman, an officer did fire a single shot at Romero after he got out of the car, but based on a preliminary examination of Romero's body, the bullet didn't hit him. Romero shot himself in the head shortly after that, and died right there.

Phoenix police say there was a warrant for Romero's arrest for a parole violation, and there may have also been a second warrant for his arrest.

According to Arizona Department of Corrections records, Romero started a 2.5-year prison sentence for misconduct involving weapons in April 2010. He was released on parole on June 7 of this year, and Romero would've finished his term on parole next week.

Romero racked up 13 disciplinary infractions while in prison, including fraud, drug possession, and several disorderly-conduct violations.

Taking a look at Romero's court history, he's had to appear before a judge quite a few times:

Anything with a "CR" in the case number designates a criminal case.

Romero's history includes convictions for marijuana possession, criminal damage, hindering prosecution, aggravated assault, DUI, and the weapons-misconduct charge that landed him in prison.

Police say the investigation into the events that led up to Romero's suicide are still being investigation.

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This guy was a waste of DNA, i hope none of his were passed on to continue the destruction of civil society. His entire life was a mistake, and the only good outcome was his death without his taking some innocent along with him.    Harsh words, but true nonetheless...

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

we know the guy was not a sexual predator. if he was, MCSO would have let him go.


Good. One less criminal subhuman wasting oxygen.


It's just too bad the fatal bullet wasn't shot by police instead.  I hope he burns in hell.


 @JoeArpaioFan That's your brother, amigo. I bet that's how you feel about your mom too, eh? Romero is Mexican. You're a Mexican. You're mom is a Mexican.

Maybe you'll reap what you sow.


 @JoeArpaioFan You are such a hateful, horrible person. What do you gain from that sort of behavior? I can only imagine how much more hateful and nasty you are in person.


 @JoeArpaioFan  @NaughtyLisa 


Your wrong JAF.


Yes he was a bad person and you've proved your right along side him.  I mean, I'm sure it never even crossed your mind (since I'm not convinced you have one) but, did you ever consider what kind of mental trauma that would cause the officer?  


I know this must seem crazy to you... but most people don't want to kill other people.  Idiot.

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