Jan Brewer Gets a "D" in Economics From the Libertarian Cato Institute

The libertarian Cato Institute has not been taking it easy on Arizona -- it has consistently said the state's immigration laws are no good for the economy, and now it's giving Governor Jan Brewer a "D" in fiscal policy.

The idea behind the grade is simple: "governors who have cut taxes and spending the most receive the highest grades, while those who have increased taxes and spending the most receive the lowest grades."

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Thus, Brewer's GED, excuse us, "D," doesn't sound very Republican-like.

Here's what the Cato Institute has to say about Brewer:

Governor Brewer has gained a national profile with her conservative border enforcement policies. Her fiscal policies have been less conservative. Her budgets have usually proposed substantial increases in spending, and her tax policies have included a mix of tax increases and cuts. In 2010 she helped push through a "temporary" increase in the state sales tax rate from 5.6 to 6.6 percent to raise $1 billion a year. The tax is set to expire in 2013, but an interest group has succeeded in putting a permanent extension on the ballot for this November.To her credit, Brewer wants the tax hike to expire as promised, but she should have known that "temporary" tax increases often become permanent.

The good news is that Brewer supports business tax cuts to improve Arizona's competitiveness. In 2011 she signed into law a corporate tax rate cut from 6.97 to 4.9 percent, which is phased in over four years. In 2012 she approved further business tax cuts, which mainly included pro-growth reforms such as a capital gains tax cut.

Many Republicans seem to be on the same page about the concept of a "temporary" tax increase often becoming permanent, and state Treasurer Doug Ducey is now rallying hard against the proposed permanent tax set up by Proposition 204.

Brewer's also called out in the Cato Institute's report for the state's "quality jobs" program, which is a per-job tax credit from the state. Of course, that's government intervention to the libertarian types, and the Cato Institute argues the jobs tax-credits have governments "deliberately distorting workforce decisions."

To put this report in perspective, consider the source. Darcy Olsen -- the head of Phoenix's own conservative think-tank, the Goldwater Institute -- used to be a "policy scholar" for the Cato Institute. The Goldwater Institute hasn't exactly been Brewer's enemy.

Although Brewer landed 37th out of the 50 governors in the Cato Institute's scoring, she was the third-worst Republican on the list. She also received a "D" in 2010.

This year's report can be found here.

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If this report can be done again, would it still rank Jerry Brown a slightly higher grade than Jan Brewer? Jerry Brown is pushing to make California have the highest income taxes in the nation. The sales taxes are about to go up too. Jan Brewer signed in a 25% capital gains tax cut phased into 2016. As for immigration, ideally I am for open borders as long as no taxpayer funds are used to educate non-citizens and no taxpayer money is used to provide health care, housing, food, and so forth to them and they do not get any social security benefits.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

A horse is a horse, of course of course,

unless of course 

that horse of course

is the sea hag drunken Jan



D is the grade of Jan's life!












In Jan Brewers defense, I beleive she should get an "A=" in Personal Finance, and avoiding Justice.


Though there is mass secrecy regarding this issue, it is my understanding that Jan defrauded Social Security for $75,000.00 to reward her knife point Rapist Son Ron while he served his sentence in a mental Facility instead of Prison where he belonged.


It is also my understanding that since her Son was incarcerated that Jan received the money , and that the Feds granted her "Amnesty" for her Cirme, and have simply allowed her to re-pay the illgotton $75,000.00.


"A=" indeed Jan.


January 2008 = The start of the E-verify Law, and the I.C.E. Deportation/Incarceration Programs.


January 2008 Also = The start of "The Great Recession", The Foreclosure Crisis", and "The New Ballooning National Deficit".


This is No Co-incidence.


A Mass Exodus of Immigrants began in mid 2007 in advance of these "Attrition" Programs.


The Real Estate Market began to turn upside down, tens of thousands of vacated dwellings began to go into forclosure, no matter who owned them.


States found themselves with less Population, and excess Government Services, and matching budget shortfalls.



A few years later Arizona Home values finnally stabilized, until Jan Brewer signed Racist SB1070, then Home values once again plummeted.


Arizona Home values are once again stabilizing, however Jan Brewer wants to enforce her Racist Law and further Crash our State.


"America is great because it is godd, when it ceases to be good, it ceases to be great."

Alex De Tocqueville


This pretty well sums up America's Current Economic Disaster.


This Great Nation of Immigrants was built on far better principles, and values than to rip apart good Christian Families, and to Deport Parents away from their legal Citizen Children!


We "Americans" must remember what made us Great.


To: Good, and Brotherhood, from Sea to shining Sea.



david_saint01 topcommenter

lol well private prisons sure do love her! 


For you Bewer fans, that's a "D" the fourth letter of the alphabet.


All this time I thought Mrs. Brewer was a total failure. Not true, I guess. She has worked herself up to a "D". Only two more years of this broom driver.


Nappy said she balanced the budget too - smelt like Billaries' accountants. Just saying - been a long time coming - they count on short memories . . . .


@justamexican @phoenixnewtimes wowsers are we surprised she can't count (do arithmetic)?! must be a republican thang.

ExpertShot topcommenter

In Libertarianism, there are winners and losers - The losers get to be slaves and live a brutish life. 

Even though they would make up more than 50% of the people in the libertarian society.



Cato and Goldwater would not spend a dime on public education if they had the chance.  It would be  better to privitize all schools, better to have for profit gangs run all schools.  Defeats the whole purpose of public education.  Brewer is a moron, but not under these criteria.

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

#1 in how to destroy a once fine state leaving it in shambles for generations.


A "D" is a higher grade than I'd give her - and her fiscal policy is only a small part of what I'd be grading her on.


You forgot to mention that she gets an F in the "Being a decent human being" catagory.


Jan Brewer- the first governor in the history of the United States to try to play stinky-finger with the President.


@IrishFire99 Despicable?


Isn't there a T.V. Commercial showing Brewer flying around laughing, then it says whats happier than Brewer in a Broom Factory?


@ilkSJ Despicable, indeed! Brilliant! :)


@IrishFire99 I despise anyone who uses racism as a political tool to gain votes. She should remember in a few years she'll be a minority.

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