Is the Maricopa County Elections Department's Spanish Campaign Enough?

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After some uproar was caused with the Maricopa County Elections Department printing the wrong election date in Spanish on a few materials, it's now spending money on a Spanish-only campaign to tell voters the correct election day.

Two items distributed by the elections office listed Election Day as November 6 in English, but right next to it, the erroneous date of 8 de Noviembre was listed in Spanish.

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Numerous Latino community leaders showed up for the elections department's announcement on the Spanish-language campaign -- including state Senator Steve Gallardo and state Representative Martin Quezada -- and everyone in attendance voiced their support of the move.

"It's not a crime to make a printing error," Gallardo said. "It's a crime if you don't do anything."

County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox said the plan is to use $30,000 in county funds for this campaign -- which includes flyers, radio ads, and TV ads -- but added that "if we need more, we will evaluate that."

The ads explain that an error was made, and reminds Spanish-speaking voters that the election date is November 6.

Is this move likely enough to counter the errors?

Cast your vote below:

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The bigger concern is what other sloppy mistakes the Recorders office has been making that have escaped unnoticed that may also impact the outcome of the elections.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

it doesnt matter what they do at this point anyhow. no matter who wins, the other side will claim that it wasnt enough and those votes would have been theirs (either Arpaio, Penzone or Stauffer, and theoretically they could be right). this is going to be another one like the Florida/dangling chad deal all over again

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

i worked in printing, they expect $30,000 to cover over 1000 radio ads, over 65,000 printed ads, and over 25,000 pamphlets. it its not going to cover all of that, do the math. those would have to be some seriously skimpy ads and pamphlets. maybe they are just buying some that are already misprinted and wrong, thats the only way i can see them stretching that money

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