How Many Richard Carmona and Jeff Flake Ads Did You Encounter This Weekend?

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Jeff Flake (left) and Richard Carmona.
If you spent this weekend within civilization, there's probably a good chance you were exposed to an advertisement for U.S. Senate candidates Richard Carmona and Jeff Flake.

Maybe you opened your mailbox, or maybe you got a robo-call from Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan -- for Romney's "good friend," Flake -- or maybe you turned on your television set for more than five minutes.

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Especially if you watched some American football on TV yesterday -- if you're like us, you were about ready to tell Cristina Beato, "Yeah, we've heard this story 100 times, lady."

If you somehow managed to go the whole weekend without hearing Flake/Carmona is awesome/a crazy person, that's probably a minor miracle.

Either way, how many ads for the candidates would you estimate you saw over the weekend?

Cast your vote below:

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Rummage Rampage
Rummage Rampage

Way sick of it. Election years now that there is social media are especially sucky. :-/

Chris Stuckey
Chris Stuckey

Yes. Fire Obama, send Carmona packing and let's all just get back to getting it on!

gee, I forgot to keep a tally.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

actually i got more of the Flake robocalls than i saw of his commercials. oddly i didnt get a single carmona robocall.

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