Flagstaff Woman Finds Her Puppy Dead and Hanging From a Noose in Her Backyard

A fine example of what puppies look like.
A Flagstaff woman's puppy was killed this weekend, which she discovered after she returned home and saw the pup hanging from a noose in her backyard.

Flagstaff police Sergeant James Jackson tells New Times that the 4-month-old puppy was found hanging from a rafter in a shed that was being used as a doghouse.

Jackson says it's pretty clear that the dog was killed, because its leash had actually been fashioned into a noose when it was tied around the puppy's neck -- pretty much excluding the possibility of the dog accidentally getting caught up on the leash.

The woman had gone on a trip to Sedona on Sunday morning, and found her puppy when she came home that afternoon. According to the local newspaper of record, the woman cut the puppy down in an effort to keep her children from seeing the puppy's body.

Police are still trying to figure out who did this, and there is a possible lead.

A few weeks ago, someone called the cops about dogs barking, and officers did respond to her home.

Jackson says police are in the process of tracking down information related to that call.

In the meantime, if you know the savage responsible, feel free to contact Flagstaff PD.

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well, look on the bright side, now she can invite obama over for lunch.


Is this article trying to glorify and support this kind of behavior?

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

 @Bnbk  JAF is a strong argument for FORCED birth control. nobody should have to go through life looking at that moron and knowing that eventually, the subject of a father-son day picnic will arise   

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