Ex-DPS Officer Threw His Mail in the Garbage (Along With His Bondage Child-Porn Collection, Allegedly)

Roger Forney
Former Arizona Department of Public Safety officer Roger Forney did not do such a good job getting rid of his alleged collection of child porn depicting boys "in bondage and sexual torture situations," according to details laid out by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

Forney's first problem was that he decided to throw out his mail -- with his name on it -- in the garbage when he decided to get rid of his alleged child-porn stash.

According to MCSO, Forney got spooked after a message popped up on his computer saying, "The FBI has logged your IP address, you will be charged within 48 hours."

The FBI doesn't typically give people a 48-hour head start to make escape plans, but Forney decided to make a trip to the dumpster of his Glendale apartment complex.

A woman who was looking in the dumpster, for some reason, found out what Forney had tossed in there and phoned up the cops.

According to MCSO, there were "trash bags filled with hundreds of hand traced and printed photographs of nude children ages 1 to 14 years."

"Along with those pictures was personal mail addressed to Roger Forney, a broken laptop, shredder, printer, and several smashed flash drives," according to an MCSO press release. "Also located was a hand written log containing comments of sexual torture with a 5-year-old boy that were written out with date and military time."

To be sure, detectives checked out what was on that broken laptop, and found "thousands of pornography pictures of boys depicted in bondage and sexual torture situations" -- as well as Forney's resume and military records, MCSO says.

The Sheriff's Office served a search warrant on Forney's apartment earlier this week, and it was disgusting. MCSO says detectives had to wear breathing equipment and protective gear due to the cat feces, urine, cockroaches, garbage, and smell of ammonia in the apartment. Detectives also seized another laptop from the apartment, which contained more pictures.

Photographs of Forney's apartment, provided by MCSO, appear to support the allegation that the place was a dump.

Forney admitted ownership of all the aforementioned materials, according to MCSO.

Aside from being a former DPS officer, Forney's a former National Guard MP, and was working as a security guard at the Arizona State Hospital at the time of his arrest.

Forney told detectives he'd never inappropriately touched a child, according to the Sheriff's Office.

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This article, which I realize relied on police data, did not emphasize the fact that Forney was employed as a security guard at Arizona's sole long term public mental hospital, ASH, or that he was hired for that position by the state in spite of his being previously convicted- in AZ- of identical charges (sexual exploitation of a minor, etc) two full years before said hiring. Hired, as such, to attend to the needs of seriously mentally ill and disabled AZ citizens, in spite of having that criminal record. As such, the issues in this specific case have to do with state level administrative corruption as it applies to ADHS/BHS, ASH, and so on. I also regret not finding this posting until now (early 2014, although I have known about this matter since it arose), but for what it is worth, Forney has a sentencing hearing coming up in Feb., which I encourage you to look into. I would attend it myself, were I in AZ today. Please see "PJ Reed The Arizona State Hospital and Patient Abuse" (blogspot) if you are interested in learning more about these issues, as they stand today.   


Has anyone looked into the personal relationship between DPS Director Robert Halliday and Former Officer Roger Forney? There is more to this story Mr. Hendley.

ExpertShot topcommenter

Arizona State Hospital is full of crazy fuckin people - and a lot of them are NOT the inmates.  Because the government of the great State of Arizona decided, through their republicant legislature, to defund: education, health care (including mental health), law enforcement, and a whole host of other public services, they've also signaled to every wack job in the country that Arizona is open for them to become employed here - in other words, they lowered the standards when they lowered the benefits and the pay of our public employees.  We as citizens need to demand that the STate and all government hires quality people and that they pay them properly or we will have more and more of this sick and twisted human garbage serving our needs.  Another reason there's so much crap floating around the Arizona State Hospital is that Brewer still has the State's taxpayers paying for her Son's mental health treatment and she will keep the lawdogs off the backs of the staff there at all costs for fear more "dirt" will come out.  I'm guessing that her son is being given passes out of the hosptal to do his dirty deeds - all with the escort of our Arizona National Guard.  Reality is stranger than fiction!



Wopw thats messed up man, I say off with his head!




very strange....ArpaioFan is not here today! maybe he's the guy that got arrested???


Arpaio finally has someone qualified to replace Hendershott and Larry Black


it was a secret 'investigation'  no one knew about see.


Can anyone guess what all the people on this list have in common???


Victor Castillo NM police officer

Willie Clarence Jr Georgia officer

Charles Cusack MD officer

Eric Janusz CO officer

Craig Cantin Cheshire officer

Randolph Grote OH officer

Patrick LeBlanc AL officer

Matthew Kotson W.VA officer

Willie Toney AL officer

Lee John Leonard FL officer

Todd L Smith OH officer

Rod Thompson IA officer

Paul Pierce NY   D.A.R.E. officer (thats right, he worked with little kids everyday)

Gerardo Hernandez TX officer

Noah Pestak NM officer

Darrell Ford KY officer

Wade Williams TN officer

Staneley Dorozynski NY officer

Gregory Vrooman Maine officer

Joshua Carrier CO officer (interesting about him is many on the force went to GREAT lengths to help cover this guys HORRIBLE crimes to little boys)

Michael Mangino CO D.A.R.E officer

Danny Surratt TX officer

Lynn Tabb FL officer

Christopher Branco MA officer

Ronald Baker FL officer

Justin Bowman MESA, AZ OFFICER

Raul Mascorro MN officer

Robert Waterman PA officer

Oscar Rodrigiuez CA officer

Terrence Greenwald WI officer

Derick Hundley TN officer

Charles Long Jr VA officer

James Rogers Richmond City, KY officer

Richard West Sampson County NC sheriffs deputy

George B Gibosn  Union Township, OH officer

Hector Reynaldo Cuellar Woodbridge, Va officer


Daniel Darwin Bingham County ID officer

Thomas Shawn Nelson Crawford County OK officer

Robert Hodges Modesto police officer


They are all cops whom have been charges with some form of sexual assault or were caught with child pornography AND ALL WITHIN THE LAST YEAR. To be a cop it takes a certain kind of person, the kind who carries a chip on their shoulder, and also the same kind who more often than not have a predisposition to sexually assaulting children...but go ahead and waste your time strapping a GPS braclet to every "romeo and juliet" couple or bum who gets caught pissing in the bushes. They are the real boggie man, right??????



A 48 hour heads up? I would think that Mr Forney probably was to be stung by a rouge site that was ready to shake him down for some cash. Just wire X amount of $, likely though Western Union, and all will be good in the world again...just don't do it again. It's seriously doubtful that the Feds would tell a potential perp he's gonna get his ass nailed in short time, via the internet.


Talk about having a really bad day.


Well, No Shit???!!! Arpaio got a perverted chld porn addict before he hurt some kid? How long until Arpaio makes an election campaign advertisement about it? I can imagine it already Arpaio, "See folks, Im tough on perverts too, Not just illegal mexicans", Sorry Nickelbag, too little too late. Good job though, I bet your SV unit does a smash job with this one, it being so close to election day and all.


I forgot to mention, he is now known as the “Dishonest Director”.



 My dad's buddy,in 1968 was a south tucson cop,who liked to regale him with stories of voyerism and other weird stuff(see,it's perfectly legal for a cop to peek in windows,in arizona).

i was about 8 years old,and thought the guy was creepy,and had an unusual control over his young daughter.

cops...go figure!


 @lingus233 I read about Justin Bowman when you posted this list several months ago. Deep story of a sick (mentally) officer now sentenced to 600 and something years in prison. Thanks for reposting the list.

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