Doug Ducey Complains That Prop 204 Is Way Too Long at 15 Pages -- Single-Spaced

Don't like readin'? Then say hell no to Proposition 204, because that monster is 15 pages long. It practically makes War and Peace look like a pamphlet, and we might as well just vote on enacting the Lord of the Rings trilogy into law while we're at it.

At least former ice-cream man and current state Treasurer Doug Ducey reminded the public that he still exists by coming out of the woodwork to campaign against the sales-tax proposition, even though he appears to be appealing to the illiterate in his latest ad spot.

"Have you actually read Proposition 204?" Ducey asks in the ad above. "It may take a while, because Prop 204 is 15 pages long, single-spaced."

Single-spaced. This could quite possibly the first time since high school that voters are listening to someone complain about text being single-spaced.

As you can see in this 15-page behemoth, Proposition 204 amends current statutes, so it's not really the fault of the initiative's authors that the laws already exist.

Of course, this certainly wouldn't be the first proposed change to state law to span 15 pages. For example, Senate Bill 1070 -- minus the cover page -- is exactly 15 pages long. Several proponents of that law (example 1, example 2) recommended that people just read the bill -- it's "only 16 pages."

Somehow, the "15 pages" attack is only second-strangest argument against the Proposition 204, as the Center for Arizona Policy's abortion conspiracy theory probably takes the cake there. Just scream "taxes" -- it'll probably work.

A non-partisan analysis on Proposition 204, from the Morrison Institute for Public Policy, can be found here, even though you may not have all day to read the six pages included.

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Dougie's life is so full and rich that he doesn't have the 20 minutes or less that it would take the average person to read 15 pages of text?  This is why the League of Women Voters goes to the trouble to print the booklet all of the propositions on the ballot - so people can read up in advance and mark the sample ballot.  It's called becoming an informed citizen.  Try it.


Fact is I don't want to pay more taxes at the grocery store.  NO MORE TAXES NO

rscang 1 Like

Who would mention "15 pages single spaced" might be the worst commercial ever.  Who wrote that? What an insult singled spaced, if I couldn't read that might seem intimidating.


Oh I keep it simple:  If the Center for Arizona Policy is for it, I'm against it.  If Brewer is for it, I'm against it.  

camprrm 1 Like

OK, I get that you seem to support prop 204 and want to make its opponents look like illiterate hacks.  But context is important.  Fifteen pages single spaced is not long for a college reading assignment.  It is absurdly long for a ballot proposition.


And comparing it to legislation is apples and oranges.  Legislators read and analyze complicated bills for a living (and I would argue that they do a poor job).    It is unreasonable to ask average voters to digest this kind of complexity when they are not used to doing so.  Long legislation like this just becomes a Trojan horse into which authors can slip all kinds of surprises.  Even experienced legislators in Congress and their staffs have been tripped up by details in the PPACA, for example, that they did not really understand in advance.



 I would argue that very few legislators actually read and understand many of the bills they sponsor or co-sponsor. They have lawyers who write the words of wit and then simply give the legislators a synopsis explanation of the "what-ifs" involved. Can you imagine someone like Russell Pearce or his dimly lit brother actually trying to write law? Or, for holy sake, Mrs. Brewer actually writing law? She doesn't seem to even understand laws that she signs or vetos.

Talibanned 1 Like

This proposition is complete bullshit.  Yeah, the legislature sucks.  Yeah, funding for schools sucks.  But this is the answer?  A complete giveaway of taxpayer dollars to the tune of $1 billion dollars annually?  Please.You want to attack the financial backers of the No side, but completely look past the puppeteers of the Yes side.  Road contractors and construction industry have spent over $700,000.  Teachers unions have spent over $800,000.  Nothing wrong with either of those groups, but objectively ask yourself why both groups would spend that kind of money if they didn't have something financially to gain.I'd be supporting this heap of crap if they didn't make the tax PERMANENT.  10 years?  Yeah, I probably could have stomached that.  Even in CA with their current tax increase on the ballot, they only had the nerve to make the increase last for 4 years.


This can never be undone.  Retarded public policy intended to fool voters and play to sympathetic heart strings.

ReggieVV 1 Like

First he abuses his Cold Stone dealers, then he lies through his teeth, then the theocratic Taliban of Arizona has a new conspiracy insanity. Top that with ads run by people so proud of their efforts they refuse to identify themselves, all reasons you should vote for 204. That and anything to keep parts of the education budget away from the Taliban dominated, ALEC bought and paid for legislature.



 Chuckie and Brain-Fart Brewer were the ones pushing prop 100,knowing ,in the back of their corrupt minds that the wording in prop 100 would allow them to divert funds into the general fund where they would have free reign to re-allocate funds to their special interest supporters. The main reason they oppose prop 204 is because it ties their hands and doesn't allow them to use it as their piggy bank......Voters need to know that these corrupt politicians still have the 5.6% sales tax to work with.Nowhere in prop 204 does it tie the legislatures hands on this 5.6 %. ......Vote Yes on Prop. 204


 @ReggieVV How do you sleep at night with those black helicopters hovering over your home?

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