Can Richard Carmona Beat Jeff Flake?

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Richard Carmona
The U.S. Senate race between Democrat Richard Carmona and Republican Jeff Flake is starting to get some national attention, as the Washington Post asked itself this week, "Can Democrat Richard Carmona win the Arizona Senate race?"

Maybe not, they said.

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Carmona, the former Surgeon General, is running in a state that's been one of the most unfavorable for Democrats in recent years, but he'd like to change that -- and polls say he's got a shot.

He's raising money and blitzing television sets with advertisements, which are also good signs for Carmona.

Of course, the Flake name has a bit of a history in Arizona (see: Snowflake), and he's been a Congressman for more than a decade now.

This morning's question: can Carmona beat Flake?

Cast your vote below:

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Carmona was fired from his previous job for fiscal irresponsibility.  Flake is as fiscally conservative as they come.  He has proven he will stand up for what is right, regardless of party politics.


Carmona is a decent candidate, and the best chance for the Dems, yet he falls short of Flake's fiscal responsibility.  Fiscal issues are among the most important issue at hand.


I think he already has.


The recent surge of Republican trash ads against Dr. Carmona certainly shows their desperation. I might be influenced to vote for Flake if the ads were positive showing why Flake should be kept in political office. Instead the state party is bent on trashing Dr. Carmona.


 @youproductsucks I don't believe that Dr. Carmona was fired from his last job. I am a doctor and so is my husband (Tucson) and Kino has lots of money problems before Dr Carmona came. After he left, they implemented his suggestions and it helped. 


Isn't it funny how all of the Republicans courted Dr. Carmona and when he chose to run as a dem, they all suddenly don't think he is good enough?


Flake missed 2/3 of his Congressional hearings and votes as a Representative. He is tied in with the same people (High Ground Chuck Coughlin is a lobbyist for CCA)  who are behind expanding the massive numbers of private prison cells in AZ.  He is working for them; not you or me.


That is why he won't fix the border. He want's it porous so that he can "swiftly punish" those who cross illegally and fill those prison cells and we are paying for all of it.


Flake's mask is fiscal conservativity, but with his other hand he is robbing you and sending your tax dollars into the pockets of the owners of CCA.

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