Best Arizona Political Ad of 2012?

State Senator Ron Gould, taking a shotgun blast at Obamacare.
Yesterday, our colleague Stephen Lemons put together his list of the top 10 Arizona political ads of 2012.

If you've turned on a television set over the past several month, then you've probably seen several of these -- over, and over, and over again, if you gaze into the TV often.

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Some of these political ads have been more entertaining than others, for example, state Senator Ron Gould -- who lost his primary race to Congressman Paul Gosar -- who took a copy of the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," also known as "Obamacare," and blasted it to hell with a shotgun.

There hasn't quite been an ad in the state that's quite as nuts as that of former Alabama Agriculture Commissioner candidate Dale Peterson, but there's been some quality entertainment.

So, check out Lemons' top 10, and cast your vote below for the best ad of 2012:

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Definitely, the most disgusting comment is "If there were any vicitms"  said by the most disgusting man in Arizona.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

Carmona's is the best. it was a brilliant move, he did it to where the only way they could say its not true, is if they were to come and and say they were liars and only promoted him for their own political agendas. his is the first and only political commercial EVER to hold a politician accountable for what they say. he even puts the dates of when they said it, and why they said it, so they cant even say he used it out of context. he still did the things they say he did, he never once said they still support him. so whoever thought that one up.........BRAVO, well played

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

the second best would have to be the "Arpaio-kidnapped" one. simply because, after it was disappeared. 



 I'm constantly amazed that the MCSO media machine gets away with this kind of stuff. The man was NEVER kidnapped, but since the ad was immediately changed he was never challenged to prove the ad as being truthful. But then I'm sure his response would have been, "I'm not going to talk about that". Or simply, "I don't recall". Or simply just walk away and ignore the question as he is wont to do.

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