Alabama Man Lands on Probation for Coming to Arizona to Steal Gila Monsters

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Somebody actually wanted this disgusting thing -- several of them.
A man from Scottsboro, Alabama is apparently so obsessed with Gila monsters and rattlesnakes that he made trips to Arizona to steal them, and brought them back to Alabama with him.

That's a federal offense, and 43-year-old David Langella will be on probation for the next three years because of it.

The only thing stranger than Langella actually wanting to have Gila monsters is that other people in Alabama wanted them too. According to the indictment, Langella would actually lead other people on Gila monster hunts in Arizona, and also brought some back to give to other people.

The indictment specifically mentions the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in Pima County as one of the places Langella led a Gila monster/rattlesnake hunt for his pals.

The feds say Langella had a "personal collection" of the reptiles, which he amassed from 2006 to 2009.

Langella's conviction for "illegal possession, transportation and sale of protected reptiles" is apparently so serious that he'll have to serve the first four months of his probation on house arrest.

It's probably devastating for Langella, but his probation stipulates that he can't own reptiles, or help other people find reptiles.

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Matthew Hendley obviously has NO clue how "in demand" gilas are. And the caption with the pic of the gila and the commentary "someone actually wanted this disgusting thing"? Pathetic. As further evidence that this guy is as bright as a burnt out lightbulb, he seems to think that the punishment levied on this poaching douchebag was somewhere in the same neighborhood as it will somehow stop him from coming right back to Az to continue his douchebaggery.


Mr. Hendley better hope that neither he nor his loved ones are ever stricken with diabetes...guess where some of the most effective drugs that combat diabetes come from? Yep...Heloderm venom.


So Mr. Hendley, before you pick up pen and put it to paper do us all the courtesy of at least performing a modicum of research before you go spouting off. Here's hoping a gila bites you in the ass and clears up your raging case of diabetic ignorance. Maybe then you'll actually appreciate the animal. Doubt it though.



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