Was ASU Ever a Party School? (President Michael Crow Thinks Not)

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Photo by Aja Viafora
ASU students, many of them, in their underwear.
With the death of Arizona State University's party-school reputation, someone had to check in with the administration for a reaction.

That ended up being Mac and Gaydos from KTAR who had the school's president Michael Crow on the show yesterday afternoon, and apparently, the ASU prez isn't convinced the school was ever a party school.

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-RIP, Arizona State University's Party-School Reputation (1987-2012)

"Luckily, it was more perception than reality anyway," Crow said, speaking of the reputation.

The people who spent several nights a week for a few years blacked out in Mill Avenue might disagree, but Crow said it was more of a national perception of a large university in a warm-weather environment.

(He also explained his support for the DREAM Act in the interview which can be found here.)

It seems like there may be some reason the school was among the top party-schools in the nation, including the number one in the nation at one point, according to Playboy magazine.

This morning's question: Was ASU ever a party school?

Cast your vote below:

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Wayne Michael Reich
Wayne Michael Reich

New Times hires writers from their Journalism" school. Need any other examples?

G Paul Hudak
G Paul Hudak

Been there 3 years. Not one party. But then, I don't get invited to anything.

Ted House
Ted House

*typo. Was ASU Ever NOT a Party School?

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