Victim Robbed of Pills He Wanted to Trade for Meth, Shoplifts Cologne While Waiting for Cops

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armenta suspect robbery.JPG
Joseph Armenta

A guy in Kearny couldn't fill his prescription for Oxycontin and Xanax at the local pharmacy, cops say, so he called a couple of buddies to work out a deal: They drive him to a Mesa drugstore, he gives them some of the pills, they give him $20 and some meth, and everyone's happy.

Of course, we wouldn't be writing about them if everyone got high and went their separate ways.

jordan, adrian.JPG
Adrian Jordan

Instead, the two acquaintances, Adrian Jordan and Joseph Armenta, drove to Superstition Springs Mall after they filled the Kearny man's prescription. Cops say Jordan and Armenta pulled out a handgun and a pipe and demanded all of the pills. Then they drove off.

The victim went into the mall without his Oxycontin or his Xanax or his meth. He found an outlet to charge his phone.

At the mall "with nothing to do," the man went into Dillard's and shoplifted a couple of bottles of cologne, says Mesa police Detective Steve Berry. "What a bunch of idiots."

The robbery victim then called 911. While he was talking to an officer who responded to the mall, the man's pals called. With coaching by the officer, the victim convinced the pair to return to the mall and give him a ride to Globe. Police arrested them when they arrived.

All three now face criminal charges, says Berry.

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And now we will have to pay to house and feed them.  What a waste all the way around.


hope the put them in the same cell, they seem to have some things to work out.  giggle


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