's Nik Richie Offers Ben Quayle His Old Gig as Brock Landers

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August 10, 2010.
Shortly after Republican Congressman Ben Quayle conceded the primary election to Congressman David Schweikert, there was already a job offer waiting for Quayle -- the return of "Brock Landers."

During Quayle's initial run for Congress in 2010, word got out that he'd been involved with the website now known as

Quayle, who wrote under the name "Brock Landers" -- from the movie Boogie Nights -- continued to take heat for his role with the website, even in his most recent race.

The Landers archive can be found here, and after Quayle conceded defeat last week, the Dirty's "Nik Richie" offered up the old post to Quayle.

Ben since you're unemployed now... you're more than welcome to come back to and have your old job back as Brock Landers.- nik

We sent a Facebook message to Richie last week to see if he was proposing a paid gig to Quayle, but we didn't get a response.

Speaking on behalf of common sense, we'll take a guess that Quayle isn't interested, even if it comes with a paycheck.

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Rumor has it that Ben's Mummy and Daddy are calling in favors with their friends at all the big law firms in town, trying to land little Benny a job. They are promising to make sure that this time, he actually shows up at the office every day, and will focus on meeting his billable hour requirements instead of surfing for porn on the internet. (They will cut him out of the will if he doesn't.)


He will, with a different nick.. maybe..... " potato chip " ? His father was the WORST VP  ever, and now he is the WORST congressman

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