Susan Brock's on Her Best Behavior in Prison -- One Year Without a Disciplinary Infraction

Susan Brock has been an angel in prison for about a year.
Susan Brock, the estranged wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, apparently has been on her best behavior in prison.

A few weeks ago, Brock officially made it one full year without a disciplinary infraction, since being found guilty of the world's lamest prison disciplinary infraction in late August 2011.

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Brock -- who's in prison for her sexual relationship with a high school kid -- got in trouble for using a bathroom she wasn't supposed to use.

Brock was waiting to see an eye doctor at the Perryville prison, where she used the bathroom. Someone tattled on Brock to a corrections officer, who gave the write-up to Brock -- who had previously been told not to use that bathroom.

Brock admitted to this, and lost her privileges for 30 days.

She started her 13-year prison sentence in April 2011, and that's still the only infraction to date. In other words, after nearly a year-and-a-half in prison, she's stabbed a grand total of zero people.

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... so let the poor lady go, anyone who supports prison for consensual sex between a biologically mature male and an older female is another semi-functional psychotic freak of nature.  You brainwashed religious fools are the ones who belong in cages, think about it, i dare you to.  I probably politically disagree w/ everything the Brocks believe in, but this injustice is horrific and puritanical, may the little moron/mormon SoB that snitched her & her daughter off one day come to grips w/ what hes done & do the right thing and hang himself in shame. Shame on you boi.


Must not be any teen boys to blow........


does that mean Fulton can have his "visits" now? and bring her pizza!



 I guess the endorsement of Martin Sepulvada by Brock for CD9 didn't carry much. He got his butt stomped.

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