Rob Koebel: Ex-Wife Caused Him to Whiz in Public (They've Been Divorced 17 Years)

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In case anyone cared, Rob Koebel's not over his ex-wife.
Former KNXV-TV Channel 15 reporter and Sheriff Joe Arpaio suck-up Rob Koebel finally gave some comment to local media after being arrested for allegedly taking a leak outside an Apple store in Wisconsin.

Koebel told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel it was his ex-wife who "really set [him] off." (They've been divorced for a good 17 years now.)

Koebel, best known locally for introducing the Dan Saban "rape" story to the public during his time at ABC 15, tried to pull the "do you know who you're messing with?" card when police questioned him about urinating in public, according to a local report.

Koebel proceeded to tell the cops not to "play games" with him, and asked police if they would like to "take the gloves off" before he called an officer some names, including a slur for homosexuals, the report says.

But what really led up to the "three-day drinking binge" that preceded the leak near the Apple store was his ex-wife, Koebel told the Journal Sentinel.

His wife, an anchor for HLN -- the home of Nancy Grace -- did a couple of TV interviews pimping out her book, Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt.

According to the Amazon description, "Like millions of other women, CNN's Headline News and truTV's In Session anchor Christi Paul blamed herself for the emotional abuse heaped on her by her first husband, whose violent, profanity-laced tirades left her feeling as though she had no value, no self-worth, and nowhere to turn for help."

Paul is also a local product, having worked for ABC 15 and KTVK Channel 3.

Koebel says even though his ex-wife doesn't name-drop him in the book, she's clearly talking about him.

He's upset his wife is always talking about him and his alcoholism on TV, including with Dr. Drew, according to the Journal Sentinel.

Koebel also told the paper he's had an alcohol problem his "entire life," so he's considering working on that.

Koebel also worked for KPHO Channel 5 during his stint in the Valley, and did such a good job there that he listed Arpaio as a reference when he applied at Channel 15.

[Hat-tip to media critic Jim Romenesko for the link.]

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"His wife, an anchor for HLN -- the home of Nancy Grace -- did a couple of TV interviews pimping out her book, Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt."


I assume/hope you have not actually read the book.  The above quote is rather unfortunately worded, under the circumstances.  Almost sounds like Koebel himself wrote that little gem...


I would be happy to buy him another shot of Moonshine. Sounds like he could use another shot.


Sure seems to me like liquid courage (aka liquid stoopid) is the real issue. Until Rob chooses to address the catalyst his problems will still haunt him.


@phoenixnewtimes ex-wives WILL do that to ya. Trust us!!

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