Rick Santorum's in Town for a Black-Tie Anti-Abortion Gala (of Course)

There's really only one type of event in which former Senator/failed GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum would be the keynote speaker -- an anti-abortion gala.

Santorum's slated to be at the Phoenix Convention Center tonight for the annual Arizona Right to Life benefit gala, cocktail attire required.

Arizona Right to Life has seem heavy influence in the state, and has a pretty big presence, like the "choose life" license plates and the "Pregnant? Need Help?" billboards. In short, they're really concerned about how ladies use their lady-parts.

"Our great state is gaining exciting momentum in its effort to protect the unborn," the event flyer says. "With the strongest pro-life legislature in Arizona history, with a Governor and County Attorney who have worked tirelessly to advance the pro-life cause, and with our pain-based abortion ban now under appeal before the 9th Circuit, we are positioned like never before to pioneer the pro-life trail.

It looks like most of the big-name Arizona Republicans are going to be there, including all five of the state's GOP members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Some state- and county-level players will be there too, including the aforementioned Maricopa County Attorney, Bill Montgomery.

Looking through the list of duties for the county's top prosecutor, it looks like they still haven't added religious activism to the list.

Our real question is, though, what kind of food is supposed to be served at an anti-abortion event that showcases Santorum?

The event flyer and list of usual suspects can be found here.

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And they're all going to vote for this guy?  Mit Romney is DIRECTLY responsible for hundreds of thousands of unrestricted taxpayer funded abortions.  Fact.  Yet the Christian fundamentalist right's hatred for Obama obviously trumps their repugnance of abortion on demand.   I never cease to be amazed at the depths of hatred and hypocrisy of the radical right. 




Seems the personage of - Rick Santorum - would make the case FOR abortion. I mean, you just can't fix stupid.


I would be more impressed with their message if the "right to life" did not stop at birth.  It is abundantly clear that once the child is born, there is little to no support for the individual, particularly if they are born into a poor family, or born with disabilities, or born with the wrong color of skin.  When this child grows up, it's fine, apparently, to send him/her off to a foreign country to be killed on the pretense of patriotism, but fundamentally due to a war based on lies.  Then, as midlife comes to the individual and illness utilizes every asset the family has, it is fine to let him/her die from a life-threatening illness,  because we the people can not afford to pay for a $240 K surgery.  But at the same time, we the people can pay $3 million to the private prison industry for empty beds. There is something fundamentally flawed with politicians who support and fund empty prison beds over human beings.  Shameful it is.  Until the "right to life" movement honors and supports human life at each and every stage of development, from conception to death, their message is complete and utter hypocrisy.  


Can't somebody catch up with this numb skull and give him a blanket party or a good tar & feather job?


 @m2old4bs Very well said! Rick Santorum is a dangeraus wolf in a sheep's skin ! Let's never forget, this individual was a primary candidate for President !

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