East Valley Tribune Plagiarist Wrote for Several Joints in Town, Including Arizona Republic/12 News, KPHO

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UPDATE, September 7: KPHO responds after the break

See also: ASU Student Plagiarized Articles for East Valley Tribune and State Press

Raquel Velasco
It turns out that Raquel Velasco, the Arizona State University student called out by the East Valley Tribune and the State Press for plagiarism, actually wrote for a few more Valley media outlets in her likely short-lived journalism career.

She's deleted her social media profiles, but her personal website's still up, which links to a few of her stories during her time as an intern at KPHO Channel 5 and the Arizona Republic/12 News partnership.

Her résumé also lists a job she had with the City of Phoenix for a few months, doing work for its TV station, PHX11, and for the city's public-relations unit.

There didn't seem to be any apparent plagiarism in the stuff she linked to from her website, but we sent emails to editors at KPHO and the Republic to get their say.

We haven't received an immediate response from either the Republic.

UPDATE: KPHO news director Michelle Donaldson tells New Times that she hasn't found any instances of plagiarism as she's looking through Velasco's pieces from her time as an intern. Despite what Velasco's résumé says, Donaldson says Velasco was an intern there from late June 2011 to August 2011, not "May 2011 - Aug. 2012," as the résumé says. She notes that Velasco was not a "breaking news reporter," because that title doesn't exist. She didn't have any other title aside from "intern."

A commenter also pointed out yesterday that Velasco claims to be one of the President Barack Obama Scholars, which is one of the very general scholarship programs at ASU.

The Tribune announced yesterday that one of the paper's former interns plagiarized several articles while she was "working" there during the spring semester, but avoided dropping her name in the online post about it.

The Tribune's acting managing editor didn't respond to our email yesterday.

Velasco's reproductions were mostly taken down from the Tribune's website, but the other media outlet that called her out -- ASU's student newspaper, the State Press -- seems to have put out retractions for every single article.

According to her résumé, Velasco -- who is, or was, a student at ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication -- interned at the Republic from August 2011 to December 2012 (she probably meant 2011), at KPHO from May 2011 to August 2012 (again, probably 2011) and was at PHX11 from January 2011 to May 2011.

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She is a cutie pie!


 @Wally Really? Compare this picture of her and a picture of Beetlejuice from Howard Stern fame and rethink that.


@woefatcat @Wally I think Walley was writing in terms of a one time deposit of his seed, not at all about marrying the woman...


Are you sure about the Obama scholar award? I thought it was a personal award given to students that cheat like he did. Of course, we can't find out how much he plagerized because his academic records are sealed. And, we are not supposed to ask about that either, because it would be racist.


 @VernStedman Let me help you understand what "sealed" means:

Obama’s college records are not “sealed” by a court order. It would be illegal under federal law (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) for Occidental, Columbia or Harvard Law School to give any former student’s records to reporters or members of the public without that person’s specific, written permission. Obama hasn’t released them, but neither have other presidential candidates released their college records. George W. Bush’s grades at Yale eventually became public, but only because somebody leaked them to the New Yorker magazine. Bush himself refused to release them, according to a 1999 profile in the Washington Post.

Once you state that you understand how college records and the release of them work, we can move on to your racism problem.



@woefatcat @VernStedman Actually, woefatcat, it turns out his records are sealed by a court order you piece of shit. Both he and Harvard would do anything to keep quiet the fact that he was given a degree under Affirmative Action initiatives very quiet. He hardly ever attended class.


 @AntoineMiller  Because if I were going to look for an in-depth investigation of whether or not the president went to class while he was in college, I would first look at a comment by an anonymous guy on the website of a free alternative weekly. 

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