Arizona Diamondbacks Beat San Francisco Giants; Pablo Sandoval Acts Like Large Baby

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The Arizona Diamondbacks beat the San Francisco Giants 6-2 last night in the Bay Area, as the D-backs won the three-game series against the division-leaders.

There were two main points to this game: D-backs starter Trevor Cahill kind of, sort of, almost got close to pitching a no-hitter, and Giants third-baseman Pablo Sandoval acted like a large baby.

Cahill had a no-hitter through 6 innings -- which is a miracle in its own right, based on how he's been pitching this year -- but Marco Scutaro led off the seventh inning with a hit. Buster Posey then reached on an infield single and Hunter Pence Walked, and Cahill was replaced.

Reliever Mike Zagurski gave up the two runs, which were charged to Cahill.

But let's get to Sandoval acting like a baby:

So, there's the D-backs' John McDonald heading for third, where he looks like he'll be forced out.

Sandoval, instead of just putting his foot on the base, elected to not move an inch, and just stood there to make some sort of awkward tag with a lot of body contact.

Somehow, Sandoval -- who's allegedly just a couple Twinkies over 240 pounds -- took offense to this and went after McDonald, who's on the north side of his 30s and weighs in around 180 pounds.

The benches cleared as Sandoval gave a belly-hump to McDonald as part of his temper-tantrum, which was really just a result of his truly shitty defense.

Sandoval's offense sucked just as much as his defense, as he went 0-for-4 on the night.

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What a horrible article from a HORRIBLE state. Arizona hahahah!


Thanks for a balanced article that wasn't filled with unnecessary or undeserved sniping or snarkiness.  Two more points for the night:


1.  Gibson undermanaging his pitchers...again  The 5th/6th inning has been a challenge for Cahill all season so it was shocking that Gibson didn't have anyone warmed up and ready to go at the start of the 7th just in case Cahill ran out of gas.  Zagurski warmed up in a hurry, but by the time he was ready to come into the game the bases were loaded which resulted in two runs scored.


2.  ROOKIES!!!!  How about Spanky flying around the bases and his diving catch, Wheels providing an important hit in a pinch-hit spot and Goldie just doing it again (yes, he's only in his first full season).

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