Occupy Phoenix Still Exists; Protesters Still Saying Joe Arpaio and Banks Suck, at Least One Thinks Paul Penzone's a Nazi

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He noted, correctly, that Penzone doesn't plan on closing Arpaio's Tent City.

That one didn't really catch on with the rest of the group, but the ninjas also shouted at the Phoenix cops on hand about Christopher Wilson, the former Phoenix officer who admitted to having sex with teenage boys.

Aside from that, the beliefs and tactics of the Occupy people haven't changed much from the beginning, but it's been a year since it all started, and fewer people were out there yesterday.



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Anybody know where to get a 'Stop Arpaio" shirt like the guy in the picture is wearing?

Venessa Perez
Venessa Perez

I wonder if any of them have found a job between then and now.

Josh Skora
Josh Skora

That whole Occupy movement is a joke. They're nothing more than hipsters in Che Guevara t-shirts who think they're actually making a difference. They sit there and protest against banks and big corporations, yet they're tweeting updates from their iPhones while they drink Starbucks coffee. Buncha fuckin hypocrites.


Ar least they were correct about what they said about Penzone - that he's a Nazi because that is exactly what he is.  But about the banks, if people would simply just pay their fucking bill there would be no foreclosures.  It's not the bank's responsibility to forgive overdue payments.  And about Joe Arpaio.... well you all know what I have to say about him but I won't because you would not like it.  Fuck Occupy Wall Street, they are just like the rest of you that wants free handouts and everything delivered to you for free on a silver platter.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

 @shadeaux14 Not sure but if you find out please post it here so the rest of us can get them too :)

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

 @JoeArpaioFan proof, proof, proof, scotty, where is all your proof. i want to see where you are coming up with all of this "the rest of you that wants free handouts" info. i dont support stauffer or arpaio, but i havent seen even any of them saying they want a handout. the only person who talks about people with their hands out, palm up is you.  i work for my money and i wont even go to the V.A. for benefits i am eligible for, because others need it more. quit trying to put your delusional perceptions into other peoples mouths. as much as arpaio is a problem for this country, you are worse. joe at least hides his hate and rascism behind his badge. you just come right out of the gate with uneducated hate and rascism.  thank god you are to ignorant and stupid to hold any position of authority or power or this country would be going down in flames. if all you see is conspiracy everywhere you look, you are going to miss the real problem that has been sitting in front of you the whole time. joe is that problem. he only enforces select laws and ignores the rest. joe says damn the costs and damn the repercussions while running this county into the poor house. what idiot thinks 4 dishwashing jobs is more important than raped children? besides joe, only you would. what idiot thinks that removing 4 dish washers is going to recover the economy? besides joe, only you. what idiot thinks that by removing 4 sub wage dishwashers and leaving the owner alone, they wont hire more? besides joe, only you. get a clue nimrod, he isnt stopping crime, hes just opening a spot up for the next guy to come in.


 @danzigsdaddy  @JoeArpaioFan

 thanks danzig. I think J.A.F. is a hired gun that monitors new times comments. He clearly underestimates the growing percentage of registered voters in maricopa county that are tired of joe's national showboating, his chest thumping at press conferences, disgusted with the El Mirage cases that went un-investigated while meaningless, political witch hunts took precedence. We need a sherriff that is focused on maricopa county. arpaio is an egomaniac, basking in national attention while embarassing our state. Even the lefty liberal John McCain publicly states the embarassment of having Joe as our great sherriff. Joe needs to go start a talk show and leave police work to the professionals


 @crazybaldhead  @danzigsdaddy  @JoeArpaioFan For those of you who think JAF is really a member of the MCSO. I doubt it, or at least I hope it's BS. His writings show a person who is both emotionally and psychologically stunted and I can't imagine he would be capable of passing the tests to become POST certified.


Of course, if he could somehow cheat his way through the testing and the academy, he would fit right in as a member of Arizona's premier organized crime family.

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