Jhessye Shockley's Mother Jerice Hunter Arrested for Girl's Murder

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Jerice Hunter
The Glendale Police Department has just announced that Jerice Hunter, the mother of missing and presumed dead 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley, was arrested for the murder of her daughter.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said Hunter's charged with first-degree murder and child abuse.

Shockley was reported missing in October, and her mother has always been the prime suspect in her death.

Hunter -- who's served prison time for child abuse before for abusing her other children -- had always denied hurting Jhessye, although police said in November that investigators believed Jhessye was thrown in a Tempe trash can, and her body was likely taken to a landfill.

The landfill search was completed in June, with no sign of Jhessye.

Montgomery noted that his office has successfully prosecuted murder cases before without a body, and said it "did not prove an impediment" to this case.

Between police, Montgomery, and the FBI, this afternoon's press conference was extremely light on details.

Why did it take so long to pin the murder on Hunter? That wasn't really answered, although police said the landfill search did need to be completed before putting the entire case together.

Police said Hunter was arrested without incident at her home in Mesa.

Our previous stories on Shockley's disappearance below:

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She's a crack ho.  They don't care about shit.  It's amazing what that drug, Cocaine, makes people do!



Breaking the cycle of poverty in this country requires breaking the cycle of irresponsible breeding.


2 missing kids...Baby Gabriel and Jhesseye Shockley, 2 mothers. Where are the bodies of the kids? Jhesseye Shockley mother is being charged with murder...What about Elizabeith Johnson? Are the kids alive or dead? Most likely both are dead....

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Glad to hear that little Jhessye will finally be getting the justice she so rightly deserves.


As for her mother, you are a low life piece of shit not worthy of breathing the same air that your daughter breathed. I hope they execute your ass. I will be there to watch it.  I hope you suffer a slow, miserable, excruciatingly painful death. You'll need it where you're going.

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

 @danzigsdaddy For starters... study this Maricopa County established protocol the officials don't want the public to see. Interagency Disciplinary Protocol for Investigation of Child Abuse.



Maricopa County Multidisciplinary Protocol Investigation of Child Abuse




Maricopa County Multidisciplinary Protocol for Investigation of Child Abuse: Signed by Governor Napolitano, County Atttorney Romley,  Scottsdale Police Chief Rodbell, Sheriff Arpaio, Victims Rights division under the MCAO and others.  


Did the police follow, along with other agencies?

Review: 1. Cover page through 5 2. pgs. 7-18    and pgs.  37-48 3. Appendix HH 4. Appendix A


There is a Perry Mason episode where Perry defends against a trial without a body. That ass Hamilton Burger goes after an inoccent lady but Paul Drake and Della are able to locate evidence that enables Perry to obtain a confession early in the trial. Google it. That will teach you what you need to know.


 @MaskedMagician1967 If you really want her to suffer a slow, miserable, excruciatingly painful death, give her life without parole. She'll still die in prison only she'll suffer for a much longer time.


 @VernStedman That damned Perry Mason was BRILLIANT!  This lady should retain him, cuz she is in deep trouble.


@truthseekeraz @amdec2030 Seriously douche, look into the Perry Mason episodes. They will show you the knowledge you seek.


 @DOOLEY  @VernStedman You know a lot about guys that suck on grape, Dooley.  I'll bet you are a hit in the clubhouse with that knowledge.


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