Jason Dubin, Sports Agent, Gets Probation for Failed Threesome Attempt With Teen Girls

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Valley sports agent Jason Dubin
Jason Dubin, the Valley sports agent who attempted to get two girls under the age of 18 over to his place for sex, was sentenced today to two years of probation.

Dubin worked for Gaylord Sports Management before that incident went down -- the joint that porn star/jersey-chaser Bibi Jones claimed hooked her up with the agency's potential clients -- but had started up his own agency at the time he was busted.

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According to court documents previously obtained by New Times, Dubin was chatting with a girl on a few social media websites. This girl, "Christie," said she was 17 years old.

Dubin noted that he was 31, told the girl he wanted to "teach her a few things" about oral sex, and asked her if she had any friends who liked older guys. "Christie" said she did, and that girl's 14.

Dubin then started chatting up "Brittany" about sex -- also offering free lessons on oral sex -- and eventually, the three agreed to meet at "Christie's" house when her parents were out of town.

Wouldn't you know it, "Christie" wasn't 17, "Brittany" wasn't 14, and both of their names actually started with the word "detective."

After getting arrested by Phoenix police, Dubin alerted the authorities that he was a lawyer who represented athletes. It's not clear who he was representing while he was running his own agency, Athletic Advisory Group LLC. His former agency, Gaylord, represented clients such as the New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez, the Cincinnati Reds' Bronson Arroyo, and apparently the only Major League Baseball player who wears a size extra-small jersey, Dan Uggla.

South Florida industry insider Darren Heitner also found some information about Dubin's, uh, habits, which can be found here.

James King contributed to this post.

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TWO YEARS probation? they should hang him from his balls wtf is this the permissable society we have become?baby fuckers dog fuckers old lady rapers  It sucks , certainley not the Arizona I remember growing up in!


"Wouldn't you know it, "Christie" wasn't 17, "Brittany" wasn't 14, and both of their names actually started with the word "detective.""  LOVE IT!

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