Jan Brewer Asked to Ditch Family Research Council Event Over Its Anti-Gay Obsession (She's Still Going)

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Governor Jan Brewer
The Southern Poverty Law Center has asked Governor Jan Brewer and others to skip out on an event hosted by the Family Research Council because of the group's persistent "demonization" of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

Brewer's office says that's not happening.

The Southern Poverty Law Center teamed up with several other civil-rights organizations to send letters and hold press conferences aimed at some of the big-name speakers at this weekend's Values Voter Summit, including Brewer, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, and others.

It's not just the Family Research Council's apparent obsession with homosexuality that has the groups riled up; it's the borderline -- or total -- crazy-talk about gay people that has them concerned.

"The FRC is far outside of the mainstream. It has engaged in repeated, groundless demonization -- portraying LGBT people as sick, vile, incestuous, violent, perverted, and a danger to the nation," the letter says. "One of its officials has gone so far as to say homosexuality should be criminalized."

For a clear example, the Southern Poverty Law Center's letter cites Bryan Fischer, the "director of issue analysis" for one of the event's co-sponsors, who claimed Hitler only murdered millions of Jews because he was gay.

Specifically, he said, "Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and 6 million dead Jews."

That sounds like one of those things that might be taken out of context -- or at least you'd hope -- but he actually wrote a lengthy piece explaining that's exactly what he meant.

There's also what the Southern Poverty Law Center calls the "ugliest lie" about gay people from the Family Research Council -- that they're way more likely to molest children than straight men. (You can click here to see the Family Research Council's opinion on that ripped to shreds.)

Of course, there's an ongoing battle between those two organizations, after the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled the Family Research Council a "hate group," and the Family Research Council president proceeded to blame the shooting at its headquarters on the Southern Poverty Law Center's use of that phrase.

All that aside, the governor (surprise) wasn't swayed by the letter.

Here's the statement sent over by Brewer's spokesman, Matthew Benson:

Governor Brewer is honored to be an invited speaker for the 2012 Values Voter Summit. This is arguably the nation's premier event for social conservatives, and Governor Brewer will be among other prominent and well-respected speakers such as vice presidential-nominee Paul Ryan, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. Of course, the speakers, attendees and sponsors of the Values Voter Summit will not agree on everything. Governor Brewer will use her remarks to focus upon the larger, shared conservative cause of limited government and traditional values.

Also not surprising is that unelected Governor Center for Arizona Policy President and lobbyist Cathi Herrod will also be one of the speakers at this weekend's event.

The Values Voter Summit speaking list can be found here, and the Southern Poverty Law Center's expanded information on its beef with the Family Research Council can be found in the links here.

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I have little respect for our governor, but I am still shocked that she does not have enough sense to avoid going to and speaking at an organazation that promotes hate. I talked with one of her staff that admitted she is not very bright and is over her head. I understand that she is good at taking advise from her handlers. Maybe they have given her bad advise I hope at least she will let them write her speech.


Purely speculation on my part, but I'm expecting that if Mrs. Brewer chooses to speak at this gig it will go something like this, "I am honored to endorse Dwight David Eisenhower for President of the United States".


Yep, Mrs. Brewer, you're running just a bit behind.... but no one expects you to know it.


I see Willard Romoney and Lying Ryan will also be attending Bigotpalozza.


Anyone having information showing that the Center for Arizona Policy, Inc. violates its tax exempt status should contact:


Nanette M. Downing

Director, EO Examinations

Department of the treasury

Internal Revenue Service

Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division

MC 4910 DAL

1100 Commerce Street

Dallas, TX, 75242

1-877-829-5500 (Customer Account Services)




I'm surprised to hear that jan has any values (or ethics or mores) at all.


That list indicates Brewer will actually speak at the event. Not one of her strong suits, I seem to recall.

david_saint01 topcommenter

Cathi Herrod defines what the bible called False Prophets...and i reference to her Matthew 7:1, as well as Matthew 25:41-46 ....same goes for any pretentious Christian in the GOP...hypocrites


 @LegitQuestions She doesn't.  She just likes it when people make her feel like she's actually important or something.


You know....when people lie to her.

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