Is Mike Stauffer Joe Arpaio's Stooge?

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Mike Stauffer, Joe Arpaio stooge?
As you may have noticed, our colleague Stephen Lemons has been a bit busy lately covering this year's race for Maricopa County Sheriff.

All signs point to Democrat Paul Penzone's being the top challenger to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, as it appears independent candidate Mike Stauffer is setting himself up to be the "goat."

Stauffer's campaign has repeatedly denied this, including the press release/Facebook post yesterday trying to discredit Penzone's polling numbers -- by citing New Times' own "morning poll," which was posted in January, under the previous Valley Fever regime.

"Our opponent appears to enjoy releasing very unscientific polls," Stauffer campaign manager West Kenyon wrote. "We also decided to release a poll conducted by none other than the Phoenix New Times, a long time supporter until very recently. This screen capture was taken just yesterday. Please know this poll was not a hand picked group of respondents rather a completely random sampling of readers responding at will."

If you'd taken a screenshot around, say, 10 p.m. yesterday, you'd notice that Penzone currently leads Stauffer about 75-20 in that highly unscientific poll.

There's also the New Times poll showing that nearly half of our readers wanted Stauffer to drop out of the race. (More than 40 percent also believe Sheriff Arpaio is the "Chef Boyardee of law enforcement," and 20 percent believe "birthers" are literally smoking crack-cocaine.)

That said, let's put another official "morning poll" in the record: is Mike Stauffer Joe Arpaio's stooge?

Cast your vote below:

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About the same time that Stauffer's Facebook page posted that poll, I took a look at the New Times site. The poll shows Stauffer with a commanding lead (just over 50% if I remember correctly). About an hour later, after a call went out on the "People Against Sheriff Joe" Facebook group (and probably others), the Penzone crowd "Ron Paul'd" the poll, and now Penzone seems to be in the lead. So, from January until September, Stauffer led the poll. Then, in one day, enough Penzone voters are able to overwhelm the poll results. And you point to this is a reason to think Stauffer is a stooge? Have you considered interviewing the man, asking him some questions about the positions you keep attributing to him? 


Also, what is it that makes Penzone a better CANDIDATE? I don't mean, why can Penzone beat Joe and Stauffer can't. I mean, what is it about Penzone that is going to make him a better Sheriff if/when he wins the office? Forget the money and endorsements (seemingly coming from the political machine, and not worth much in this voter's opinion), forget the campaign shenanigans. Ask yourself, if Paul Penzone gets elected, what will make him a better sheriff than Joe Arpaio (probably and easy answer in most of our minds) or Mike Stauffer (a harder one for me, personally). Here's what I know about the two, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong:


Paul Penzone - local guy, had some college, has been the face of several police initiatives and groups, Democrat, backed by many influential politicians in the state, attained rank of Sergeant with the Phoenix Police Department over a 20-ish year career (forget the exact number).


Mike Stauffer - not a born-and-raised local, but 29 years with Scottsdale police department and attained the rank of Lieutenant, college educated (Bachelor's and Master's), not many big endorsements or donors


(in case anyone doesn't know, Lieutenant outranks Sergeant)


So, you're telling me that, for public office, you'd rather have a not-as-fully-educated, lower-ranking officer in charge, just because some people in the state's political machine have decided he has a better chance to win than a well-educated, higher-ranked officer? Do you think that the Democrats might have an agenda to just get their guy in, no matter if he's the best candidate or not? 


If you want to vote for Penzone, go right ahead, that's your right as a citizen. Before you do, however, I'd recommend that you think long and hard about my question from earlier - of the three candidates running, which one would make the best Sheriff after the election?


meeble 2 Like

 @karmavsdogma_42 I've spoken at length with Paul Penzone - and I am absolutely certain that he will be a GIGANTIC improvement over Arpaio.  That, and he is running a tight, organized and inspired campaign that actually has a chance of defeating Arpaio.  There is no other choice.  Stauffer is irrelevant now - utterly irrelevant, except in one important capacity - his ability to possibly split the vote thereby handing the election to Arpaio.

karmavsdogma_42 1 Like

 @meeble Well, that's great. What is it that Penzone told you that makes you so certain? Because I don't have the benefit of having had that conversation, and I still see a less-educated, less experienced candidate when I look at Penzone compared to Stauffer. Help me out here, convince me that your guy would be a better Sheriff than my guy. Stop telling me he can beat Arpaio - I know that. I hope he does, because four more years of Joe is going to be a disaster for this county. I just don't want a situation where we jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

karmavsdogma_42 1 Like

 @meeble Thank you so much for posting this link. I haven't been swayed into thinking that Penzone is a more qualified candidate than Stauffer, but if, in late October, it looks like Stauffer might actually do enough damage to put Joe back in office, I'll seriously consider changing my vote (and encouraging others to do so). In the meantime, please, more of showing why Penzone is better than Arpaio, not why you don't like Stauffer.

elcapitan332 3 Like

Mike " Mr. Olivia Cortez" Stauffer....Arpaio's lap dog.


BTW rather than all this distraction, what are Penzone's qualifications? For one he's a high school graduate.

meeble 3 Like

 @gpscentral the whole "qualifications" criteria is ridiculous.. President Abraham Lincoln didn't have a college degree and by your standards would likely not "qualify" to lead the country - but guess what, he did just fine. Natural leadership, integrity, creative problem solving, etc. aren't something you can simply quantify on a piece of paper. Guess what? Arpaio is FAR more qualified than either Stauffer or Penzone and look where that has gotten us. Are you going to vote for Arpaio based on qualifications?  This is about removing a dangerous menace to our communities.  Whether Stauffer is more qualified or not is IRRELEVANT if he cannot win.


 @meeble  @gpscentral In Lincoln's day, a good 8th grade education was likely equivalent to a college education these days. What happens if Penzone wins, and the MCSO turns into an even bigger mess (somehow)?

marcy 7 Like

 @gpscentral What are Joe Arpaio's qualifications?  For one, he's a high school graduate.


I know you are trying REALLY hard to avoid discussing the important points:

1) Why is Stauffer running against Penzone when he should be running against Joe?

2) Why is Stauffer still in the race when his numbers are so low and his campaign hasn't even left the station?


Since it is obvious Stauffer is going to come in a far distant third there are only two possible reasons he is still in the race:


1) He's stupid

2) He's a stooge


Pick one, or both

gpscentral 1 Like

lol, the "Slam Stauffer" article of the day is written by Matthew Hendley. What happen did Stephen Lemons faint from all the stomping and ranting he's been doing daily?  He must have knocked the wind out of himself.

marcy 3 Like

 @gpscentral Oh look, it's gpscentral avoiding the central question of why Stauffer is still in a race he isn't going to get more than a single digit share of the votes in.


Care to take a stab at it?

BlackShadow 1 Like

 @marcy  @gpscentral Be nice to gpscentral. We love our information ministers!!!!!

westisbest 5 Like

Stauffer is Olivia Cortes in drag.

propper_family 6 Like

follow the money.  If Joe gets another term, I'm sure we'll see Stauffer get a new gig with one of Joe's supporters or whatever debt he incurred will magically vanish.

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