GOP State House Candidate Ordered Off Ballot; Judge Rules Pretending to Live at Buddy's House Doesn't Count as Residency

Former state House candidate Darin Mitchell
A Republican state House Candidate has been ordered off general election ballots by a Maricopa County judge, since the candidate pretended to live in a friend's/campaign worker's vacant house to qualify as a resident of the district.

Darin Mitchell already got enough votes in the primary to land on general election ballots in Legislative District 13, along with his running mate, state Representative Steve Montenegro.

The suspicion started when one of Mitchell's alleged "neighbors" told the Arizona Capitol Times that she saw Mitchell claimed to live on her street in Litchfield Park, but she'd never seen him before.

After reporters from a couple news outlets showed up, it sure didn't look like anyone lived in the house, which was being renovated. The lawsuit eventually came from the third-place vote-getter, state Representative Russ Jones, who missed the general election ballot after being bested by Mitchell in the primary.

According to county property records, the house in question is owned by Theresa Koontz, who was later discovered to be the manager of Mitchell's campaign committee. She's also donated cash to Montenegro's campaign, according to campaign filings.

Mitchell even told media members that he actually lives with his girlfriend in Avondale, in Legislative District 19, but used both addresses in various filings with the Secretary of State's Office.

According to the original Cap Times article -- which is attached as an exhibit to the lawsuit -- Mitchell told a reporter that he spends "some time" at the Litchfield Park house. A lot of people spend "some time" in other cities, but they don't get to represent them at the capitol.

He didn't have any sort of lease agreement with Koontz, and other neighbors said the house hadn't been occupied for at least a year.

That said, a judge ruled yesterday that there was "clear and convincing evidence" Mitchell doesn't live in Legislative District 13.

The ballots are printed tonight, and while it seems that Jones should just take his spot, the Republican Party actually nominates the replacement, so he's not a shoo-in.

The ruling can be found below:

Mitchell Ruling

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wherewasi topcommenter

I am SHOCKED, I tell ya!  SHOCKED!  How is it possible that a Scottie Bun-gaurd look-alike got busted LYING???? I just don't get it.  How could this happen??  CQ must be having a hard time keeping his kids under control.  Another LYING REPUBLI-CON bites the dust. 

Flyer9753 topcommenter

hahaha... and yet ANOTHER republicant gets found 'bending' (hell, let's be blunt, breaking) the laws they don't agree with or are in their way without a care in the world about the fact it was wrong. Forget upholding the law and working within it as they expect and DEMAND we the citizen live within.


Such wonderful, upstanding honest leaders these people make...


When are americans going to wake up and realize that politicians in general, and according to the evidence especially republicants, don't give a damn about you, only about themselves.


This is just another in a long string of proof that while all politicians need to be flushed and we start over (with term limits), republicants especially are the LAST place you should put your vote, unless you want this and worse to be the standard.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

come on. who's the bigger dumbass? him for thinking nobody would check, or his campaign manager for going along with it?

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

 @wherewasi i would agree with you....normally........but........they appealed it and won. it would violate his rights to keep him off the ballot was what they said, so hes back on the ballot.   un-friggin-believable!!!



Isn't there be some Law violated here?  I mean lying on legal documents would land the average man in jail, never mind, this is Arizona, where the politicians lie with impunity because they know their buddies that are supposed to do the Law Enforcement will turn a blind eye to the corruption.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

 @US_War_Veteran you were right. they put him back on the ballot. somehow he got the appeal and won in 1 day. court ruled to put him back on it


danzigsdaddy topcommenter

 @US_War_Veteran if it isnt, it should be.  he misrepresented himself  on a legal document and he did it for gain. but you are right, this is arizona so he doesnt have to worry about it. the campaign manager should also be facing charges too. 

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

 @wherewasi  @US_War_Veteran it would violate his right to screw over the constituants of that district if they kept him off the ballot.  Arizona is officialy "THE CROOKEDEST PLACE ON EARTH"


wherewasi topcommenter

 @danzigsdaddy  @US_War_Veteran

This is such a travisty of justice.  What the hell is wrong with our system?  What the hell is wrong with lying friggin Republi-Cons?

Who would vote for these liars in the first place?  Russell?  Joe??  Constatine??  Randy?? Anyone??  Friggin bitches, all of you!  Wusses!

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