Gary Johnson in Tempe: He Likes Weed, and He's Not "Beavis" or "Butt-Head"

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Photo by Matthew Hendley
Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson
Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson stopped by Arizona State University's Tempe campus today as part of his national tour of colleges, and one of his opening acts described the general tone of Johnson and his audience pretty well:

He's the "third option to Beavis and Butt-head."

Johnson -- the former governor of New Mexico -- has not been ashamed to announce his endorsement of marijuana legalization, and said today that he thinks the momentum's going in favor of legalization.

He pointed to the Colorado ballot measure that would legalize marijuana without a doctor's say-so, and said it seems logical that the other 49 states would follow this path.

"Once it passes in Colorado, everyone in Phoenix is going to hop on a plane to Colorado to chill out for the weekend," he said.

He also did a good deal of reinforcing the "Beavis and Butt-head" idea, as he took shots at both President Obama and Mitt Romney.

As for Romney, Johnson didn't quite agree with Romney saying it was a "no-brainer" to build a fence at the border.

"You're talking about someone who doesn't have one molecule of brain, based on that statement," Johnson said.

As for Obama, Johnson went to the fact that candidate Obama seemingly said that he wouldn't have the feds going after people involved in state medical-marijuana programs, but under President Obama, there have been plenty of instances of that.

Johnson, who's the best-polling third-party candidate in the race, still doesn't seem too competitive with Obama and Romney in the polls, which makes him repeatedly answer the question of why people should vote for him if it's just a waste.

If everyone who thought like that indeed "wasted" their vote for Johnson -- instead of voting for one of two candidates they didn't really like -- Johnson said that he'd be the next President of the United States.

Photo by Matthew Hendley

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As a Democrat I’ve been very disappointed with the Obama administration’s crack-down on growers and retailers of medical marijuana.  I’m listening to Gov. Johnson and I agree that the war on pot has been useless and has caused a tremendous amount of harm.  However, Gov. Johnson has lots more practical solutions on other issues.  Go to




I support Gary Johnson.  But not only for his push to legalize marijuana.  I want this country to end its world-wide war-for-profit modus operandi. Gov. Johnson brings the Libertarian ideals to national attention.  These ideals, solutions and remedies for our national and international problems are straightforward common sense and I like that.  I want the FED audited, our spending reduced and, of course,  pot decriminalized and regulated.   The nation needs to hear that.  




A truly unfortunate headline.  The Governor doesn't "like" weed, he believes the War on Drugs is a failure and does far more harm than good to the nation.


I know the Governor personally, and not only doesn't he use drugs, he avoids tobacco, alcohol, and even coffee, BUT he would never interfere with another person's right to chose to so do.



Well, he used cannabis for pain management at one point in his life, but that's not really what this is about. This is about electing a person who thinks they know how you should live your life better than you do (Obamney), or electing a person who thinks that you have the ultimate control over how you should live your life, and as long as you're not hurting others, you have the right to do so, and that stretches across pretty much ALL issues. 


Gary Johnson had my vote before he left the Republican party late last year.


The Gov. is actually OK and could actually bring in a different wind to a discussion that is long overdue, I say this with a very open mind and with a willingness to actually do something meaningful Vs. Politicians as Usual. Don't miss understand me I do not agree with drug use

as I've grown up and for my children's sake but that's not what he's about.


I am a Ron Paul supporter who is voting for GARY JOHNSON. I don't see any difference between Obama and Romney. I believe Obama inherited many problems and didn't really fix them or make significant strides in the right direction. Romney can't make up his mind what he believes.

I am



Anti-busybody (you have business of your own! Mind that!)

Fiscally conservative

Socially tolerant (not my business and I don’t care)

I do not believe I know what is best for others; I believe that responsibility lies with them. I believe everyone has the right and the ability to make decisions for themselves.

GARY JOHNSON is the only candidate that agrees with my view.

33.4%  could win this thing!

Show your desire for FREEDOM             Gary Johnson 2012!

SHOW YOUR DECENT              Gary Johnson 2012!

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I assume that Obama is Beavis and Romney is Butt-Head.

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