ATF Officials Formerly in Phoenix Reportedly Blamed (Yet Again) in "Gunwalking" Scandal

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A trio of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives managers formerly in the Phoenix office are reportedly being singled out for blame in the fouled-up "Fast and Furious" operation.

Fox News, which got a special delivery of a Justice Department inspector general report that hasn't yet been made public, says "[m]uch of the blame" in the report is directed at then-agent in charge Bill Newell, supervisor Dave Voth, and case agent Hope MacAllister.

The public has tried to figure out what the hell happened with the operation for nearly two years now, as the ATF allowed guns to be sold illegally so they could track them, and eventually catch Mexican cartel leaders.

That didn't quite work out, since the guns were lost, and used in crimes -- including in the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

The report apparently pegs the Phoenix office for making the whole "Fast and Furious" plan, although attorneys for Newell, Voth, and MacAllister told Fox News that it was part of a larger strategy.

Newell, Voth, and MacAllister were each transferred to different offices more than a year ago.

The three have also been brought up in several anecdotes in the past couple of years as the story has expanded, and even recently, the first part of the House Oversight Committee's report released a few weeks ago called out Newell (page 140), saying he knew exactly what was going on in "Fast and Furious," and repeatedly doubting his competence at his job.

The second part of the committee's report will include a section on former Arizona U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, who resigned his post in August after getting caught up in the debacle.

The actual Justice Department report isn't due out for another couple weeks, so we'll have to wait till then to check out Fox's claims

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Pony Up
Pony Up

I miss Dennis. So sad all this happened.


If they are not to blame, who is... Mickey Mouse?  Go ahead, cry me a river!


"including in the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry."  There is no evidence that these weapons found at the scene of the crime were actually the ones which killed the agent.  When did you confirm that "Fact"?  It may just as likely have been an attempt to embarass the ATF and stop their clandestine program to find out how the MILLIONS of weapons are getting to the drug lords and other criminals by US Citizens acting as straw purchasers for them.  The author of this piece was allowed by the editor at New Times to put out unconfirmed reports.  Remember, the Gunwalker program and Fast and Furious later only involved a few hundred weapons.  Remember also that there are literally MILLIONS of weapons being purchased by US Citizens as traitorous straw purchasers for criminals, terrorists and drug lords - THOSE weapons are not, and were not, part of the Gunwalker programs.  Mr. Hendley is confusing his readers rather than informing.  




 You seem to be reaching and splitting hairs here.  The point you are arguing seems to be like arguing about the origins of  single piece of sand on a long stretch of beach - interesting but underwhelming.  Whether or not a "walked" gun was the actual weapon that fired the actual bullet that killed Agent Terry does not seem to chnage the concern that this appears to be an ill-conceived and ill-executed operation by ATF.


But, hey Mexico, stop blaming us for guns smuggled illegally into your country.  You have a border.  You have border guards.  Don't blame us if you can't provide sufficient border security to intercept illegal contraband crossing your border.  We are not going to change our constitution nor narrow our constitutional rights because you cannot effectively police your border. (Never mind, of course, that this goes both ways and the U.S. needs to stop blaming Mexico for illegal drugs enterring the U.S. because we cannot effectively police our own border)


 @LegitQuestions The only reason it was "ill executed" is because some traitors in the Border Patrol went public with information they had sworn to keep confidential!  We need to stop the flow of MILLIONS of guns to the terrorists and drug lords being sold to them by the US Gun Industry (which is actually the Military Industrial Complex).  This program was part of the intelligence gathering process needed to "police the border."  You are a real piece of work you know that?

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