East Valley Tribune Unveils Talking Monkey That Doesn't Like the Arizona Republic

"Guys, I have an idea..."
It looks like Valley news outlets are trying to capitalize on the Arizona Republic's new online paywall -- just ask the East Valley Tribune monkey that's talking on the banana phone.

Of course, the Trib had a rough go with its financial issues, but maybe the talking monkey will do it for 'em.

"You'll be watched as you click on stories, and when you've read too much on their site - or clicked too many pictures, watched too many videos, or commented on too many op-ed pieces - that's it," the Trib says. "If you're not signed up for a pricey new subscription plan, you're done. Locked out."

We're still trying to figure out why they went with the talking monkey -- aside from the play on "monkey business" -- but we do know that it's kind of creepy and looks like that doll from the Saw movies.


That said, here's one of the six videos of the Republic-hating monkey:

[Tip-o'-the-hat to Seeing Red.]

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That Talking Monkey stint was funny. I like that one.


I enjoy their Vents feature. Some posters are completely off the wall while others come close to being spot-on. In time, it could be a clone of NT discussions.


One can only dream...

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