Congressman Jeff Flake, Running for U.S. Senate, Dodging Political Debates Against Opponent Richard Carmona?

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Congressman Jeff Flake is running for U.S. Senate
Congressman Jeff Flake, a longtime politician in a close race for the U.S. Senate against Richard Carmona, a former U.S. Surgeon General, has only agreed to participate in a single debate against his opponent.


So far, anyway.

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We've got a call in to Andrew Wilder, a Flake spokesman, to find out why Flake -- who handily survived a bitter battle in the Republican primary against wealthy businessman Will Cardon -- doesn't seem eager to debate his opponent.

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Richard Carmona
By comparison, a Carmona spokesman says that Carmona, a former President Bush-appointee, has accepted invitations to at least eight debates.


Perhaps Flake's hesitation comes from the race being so close? One of the latest polls reveals Carmona has a 5-point lead over Flake.

An earlier poll had the two in a statistical tie. But, would-be voters continue leaning toward Carmona.

One of the most recent debate dodges was highlighted in the Arizona Daily Star's political notebook, which noted that Flake "has turned down the Star's invitation to debate Democrat Richard Carmona."

Despite proposing six different dates in early October, the Star couldn't get Flake to agree to the debate at the Tohono O'odham Nation's Desert Diamond Casino near Tucson, according to the paper's political notebook.

For now, the only place to catch both U.S. Senate candidates will be on KAET's Horizon on October 10 from 5:30 to 6 p.m.

Carmona, a candidate with a storied resume that ranges from high school dropout to vascular surgeon to U.S. Surgeon General, "believes Arizonans are entitled to hear directly from both him and Congressman Flake on their positions about their vision for Arizona," according to a statement released by the campaign.

Flake, an Arizona native, has represented Arizona's Sixth Congressional District since 2001.

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The Arizona Republican Party is running a T.V. spot for Career Politician Flake saying of Flakes opponent: "Rich Carmona will answer to Obama, not us."


Thank you Arizona Republican Party for addmitting in advance that your Presidential Candidate, whats his name? will fail!


Obama 2012!


Go Carmona.


Flake is the King of Sleazy attacks.


But none of the candidates debate.  Some of them attend more joint press conferences, than others.


@CarmonaForAZ - Flake afraid he'll choke & you'll have to save his life - on live TV!


"For now, the only place to catch both U.S. Senate candidates will be on KAET's Horizon on October 10 from 5:30 to 6 p.m"


I hope that this debate will go longer than 1 hour.  The reality is that Flake's enitre carreer has been in Washington - first as a lobbyist and then as a Congressman with a brief time oversees.  He has no professional experience in Arizona at all and I suspect that he is getting concerned that in a state-wide race his name and family history alone are not enough for him to win.


Flake probably has no need to debate. It could only lessen his standing. Carmona neeeeeeds debates.


 @LegitQuestions  Don't forget he was with the Goldwater Institute.  It's still a political resume. 

Carmona is aweome!  Wow, what a career.  He has my vote.



Carmona doesn't need debates, his resume stands on it's own. Flake just doesn't want to explain way he has voted against every piece of legislation that would help veterans, soldiers, and their families while fighting two wars. Flake is just another hypocrite professional politician and coward.

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