Bath Salts/Spice Tales From Yavapai County, Part Two: Calvin's Naked Hostage Situation

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As the Yavapai County Attorney's Office filed for a restraining order against county businesses to prevent them from selling the synthetic drugs known as "bath salts" and "spice," affidavits were filed containing anecdotes of local people reacted to using the drugs.

Area residents, hospital workers, local cops, school employees, parents, and other folks recounted their experiences with the people stoned on semi-legal drugs, several of which we highlighted earlier this week.

After looking through the remaining affidavits, we found some stories just as crazy as the first ones. (Our readers found the stories of a man claiming automobiles were raping his imaginary daughter, and the other man who thought "small Mexicans" were knocking on his eyeballs to be the worst of the set.)

The restraining order against the businesses was granted, but the stories remain. Find part two of "bath salts" and "spice" tales from Yavapai County below.

Charles Wynn Jr., Chino Valley police chief

"On October 16, 2011, Officers from the Chino Valley Police Department responded to a call of a man walking in traffic on North State Route 89 who had assaulted an employee of the U.S. Forest Service. Officers located the man in the middle of the highway blocking traffic. The man was removing his clothing, waving his arms and screaming Officers were able to secure the man who later advised he had smoked 'spice.'"

Nancy Gardner, Camp Verde town marshal

"On April 18, 2012 there was a report of a high school student who had admitted to ingesting 'Spice'...When the students went to class, this particular student asked another student to hit him. Upon being hit, he fell to the ground and while on the ground, he said that he was 'so high.'"

"...When [a Camp Verde mother] was asked about the needle marks, she stated that the tracks were from pulling blood out of her arms and putting the blood back into her body. She later admitted to using 'bath salts'...At one point she appeared to be demonically possessed. The children were taken from the residence by their grandparent. When the deputy went back to the residence with CPS he found two large carving knives lying on the couch and the young woman said that she put the knives there because the shadows were moving."

Ross Diskin, Yavapai County Sheriff's Office detective

(Bath salts.) "...The responding Deputy informed me that he responded to the area based on a report of a vehicle stolen by a naked man possibly on drugs...The responding Deputy attempted to locate the suspect, who was observed doing "snow angels" on the ground and eating dirt. The responding Deputy began giving verbal commands to the suspect, who did not comply and began throwing rocks and dirt at the responding Deputy...[After Tasing the man,] the responding Deputy and the suspect then got into a physical fight that included the suspect swinging sticks and trying to stab the Deputy with sticks...[After being placed in handcuffs] an attempt was made to bring the suspect to his feet but he continued to kick and struggle. At that time, the suspect appeared to stop breathing. The suspect was then unhandcuffed and CPR was performed until paramedics arrived and took over."

(Earlier that day, involving the same guy, identified as "Calvin.") "Calvin came into [a man's] campsite screaming about 'hostages'" and asking to 'keep them away from me'. Calvin was then observed thrashing in the other camper's vehicle and jumping on top of the vehicle, then laying down and taking off all his clothing. Once naked, Calvin started the vehicle and drove away through the heavily wooded and rugged area where there is no road. Shortly thereafter, the individual heard the vehicle hit a tree and Calvin yelling 'get them off me' or 'get them away from me.'"

Mark McClain, Prescott Police Department investigator

(About a former confidential informant who led to the conviction of a dozen meth dealers.) "Through other subjects, I learned that the confidential informant was consuming large amounts of 'Bath Salts.' In the Spring of 2012, this former confidential informant ran into the Miller Valley Elementary School in Prescott, AZ, screaming that 'people with guns' were after her. The Elementary School staff and students ranging in age from 4-11 were placed in lockdown status for their safety. P.P.D. patrol officers contacted the former confidential informant, who reported that 'people with guns' were [Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking] investigators and that she had a warrant for her arrest."

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One of our residents used Spice here in Prescott last week and now he is back in jail again. he took off most of his clothes, went haywire... kicked in our door frame when we locked him out...

had to call 911


Just look on the internet and see what happens to people on this stuff... some just kill themselves others just torture us all but themselves mostly.


OK... enough... beautiful day here in Prescott.... I love this time of year in this amazing part of the world....


In my humble opinion I disagree with you. There are no old drugs in "clean Forms."

But there are people that are not addicts and then there are addicts.

Do you put knives in a daycare?

Addicts know not what they do... when untreated...

If you can take the substance out of the environment you help people... the stats say it all around re-offending drug addicts in states that banned the stuff.

open your eyes... i believe that we should help people who are weak in this area...

It really is like offering a child a loaded gun.


I think they ought to legalize all the old drugs we know about, in their clean forms, and treat drug abuse as the medical problem it is rather than a crime.


I mean, at least we'd know what to expect and we'd know the drugs would be cleaner.  We could even tax usage and help pay for the medical assistance people need to get off drugs.


The way it is now, people will just come up with more and more creepy drugs like bath salts and more damage will be done.

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