RIP, Arizona State University's Party-School Reputation (1987-2012)

With the release of Playboy magazine's latest issue, we are able to confirm earlier reports that Arizona State University's party-school reputation has died at age 25.

The autopsy's not in, but the cause of death appears to be a combination of alcohol withdrawal and apathy.

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Playboy was able to confirm the death of the reputation yesterday, as the University of Virginia was crowned party king, and ASU was not included in the list of the king's court. Nor was ASU crowned or mentioned in the categories for party-school losers, including sex life, sporting life, and night life.

ASU's national party-school reputation was born in January 1987, upon the release of the first party-school rankings from Playboy. The school was ranked third in the nation.

ASU was named the national party-school champion 15 years later, but was demoted to third at the age of 19.

Since then, the school's party-school recognition has dropped of significantly, and even the copycat lists shun the Sun Devils.

Remnants of the reputation's life still remain, like this baby doing a keg-stand at a football game.

In lieu of a memorial service, students may simply "like" the "partying" page on Facebook to avoid any actual fun.

Playboy's latest rankings can be found here.

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You're looking too far north.

UA is getting its party chops back, if the noise level in this coffee shop is any indication.

Studying for finals?  What's that?  Go Wildcats: the children of the wealthy at play.


Haha this article is entertaining.


And if ASU was crowned king of the party schools you'd crow about what a joke of a school it is and how it makes a mockery of higher education.  Just sayin'.....

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