Arizona Diamondbacks Blanked by San Francisco Giants

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The Arizona Diamondbacks are now two games away from playoff elimination, after getting blanked 6-0 by the San Francisco Giants last night in the Bay Area.

Starting pitcher Wade Miley didn't quite make a great case for himself in his bid for rookie of the year, as he gave up four runs -- three of them earned -- in just four innings.

The Giants put of their first two runs in the third inning with two singles, and added another two runs the next inning on a single and a fielder's choice.

Giants starter Matt Cain drove in the team's fifth run in the fifth inning.

The Diamondbacks did manage to rack up seven hits, but four of those were spread across Cain's seven innings of work.

Justin Upton and Miguel Montero both singled with no outs in the fourth inning, but that inning ended on a double-play two batters later. In the seventh, Paul Goldschmidt doubled, and Gerardo Parra reached on a bunt single with no outs. Cain racked up two consecutive strikeouts, and got Jason Kubel to ground-out to end the inning.

D-backs rookie Adam Eaton led off the eighth inning with a single -- again, with no outs -- but the Diamondbacks still couldn't get a run. Aaron Hill lined out, Justin Upton struck out, and a two-out single by Miguel Montero didn't lead to a rally, as Goldschmidt grounded out.

In the ninth, the Diamondbacks did it one more time -- Parra led off with a double. The next three Diamondbacks were retired in order.

The winner of tomorrow's game wins this series, as Patrick Corbin faces off against the Giants' Barry Zito.

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who cares. Go Reds!...

The Phillies who had a crappy season are about in the same boat as the Dbacks. It's funny who wrong the poll was at the start of the season who will win. (I picked the Phillies, Reds and Giants.. One of those was a bust, out of three) Funny, but the Dbacks choked hardcore. (just like the Phillies) at least  one out of the three teams I liked made it.


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