Arizona Cardinals Cream the Philadelphia Eagles; Kevin Kolb's Still Righteous

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The Arizona Cardinals wrecked the Philadelphia Eagles 27-6 in Glendale yesterday, and quarterback Kevin Kolb is still the messiah of the National Football League.

This was Kolb's first start against his former team, and it couldn't have gone better for him.

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In 2010 -- when football fans across Arizona cried themselves to sleep every Sunday night because Derek Anderson was throwing footballs -- the decision was made in Philadelphia to give Vick the starting role over Kolb in the middle of the season.

That added an extra dimension to yesterday's game, as Kolb was not only facing off against his former team, but also against the guy who forced him out of his job.

Kolb obviously won that battle, and Vick got absolutely crushed.

Kolb completed 17 passes in 24 attempts, two of them for touchdowns. His first TD was a short pass to rookie Michael Floyd, and the other was a 37-yard strike to Larry Fitzgerald.

On the other side, the Eagles were set to end the half down by no more than 17 points. They hadn't scored yet, but with less than two minutes left in the second quarter, Vick drove the team from their own 20-yard line to Arizona's 1-yard line.

After two incomplete passes, Vick dropped back for a third pass attempt, but Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes came after him on a blitz, and just unloaded on Vick. Vick also dropped the football, and backup safety James Sanders ran it back for a 90-something-yard touchdown as the quarter expired.

Vick was also nailed by Cardinals defenders on 14 other occasions, was sacked five times, and fumbled one other time.

The Eagles' six points came off a pair of field goals in the third quarter, which still seemed pretty lucky, as 20 of Vick's 37 passes landed on the ground, and running back LeSean McCoy got just 13 carries.

The Cardinals are now undefeated through three.

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Too soon to say that we have a good team, but the ability to dig and make it work out is showing.  I had no real expectations when Warner took the Cards to the Superbowl, but it is hard not to ask "what if?"


I predict that the Cardinals will win 3 games this season.


I'll bet Vick is one sore SOB today.


The Cards put a proper ass-thrashing on the Yeagles. T'was a thing of beauty. Go Cards!


the cards are for real, but that is ok, no respect from the nfl channel or their website. 

it is always "oh, the other team had a bad day",

ooohhh...i know, its not that the cards defense is good, it is that vick does not have time to throw the ball 

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