Abraham Ortega-Leyva Accused of Throwing Away a Whole Lot of Drugs, Along With a Photo of Himself

A photo of Abraham Ortega-Leyva, similar to the one left with a lot of perfectly good drugs.
Here's a tip -- if you're throwing away about a pound-and-a-half of meth, almost a pound of heroin, a few guns, and almost $20,000 in cash, also tossing pictures of yourself in there may not be the best idea.

Abraham Ortega-Leyva learned that one the hard way.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, deputies were checking out reports of a suspicious person hopping the wall into someone's backyard in Litchfield Park on Monday.

Among some trash bins in the backyard, deputies found that someone had dropped off 1.5 pounds of meth, almost a pound of heroin, almost $20,000 in cash, a loaded AR-15 assault rifle, a loaded .40-caliber handgun, and of course, two framed photos of a guy with some children.

Witnesses described the man to deputies, and Ortega-Leyva was arrested while trying to run away from a nearby house.

Sure enough, Ortega-Leyva turned out to be the guy in the photos, and now he's facing several felony drug charges.

We asked the Sheriff's Office whether Ortega-Leyva left a map in the garbage detailing his hiding spot (yeah, we really did), but a spokesman says he did not.

MCSO says Ortega-Leyva also admitted to being in the country illegally.

Mugshot: MCSO
We just had to frame it.

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It sounds like a set up who carries photos around like that when selling drugs? Most don't even have their ID on them. Really weird..


It sounds like a drop.



 I'M no lawyer,but SHUT UP-SHUT UP-SHUT UP!!!!




 I think you miss-understood what I was saying,It was for your benifit,not to start a fight,besides Jeanjb is my wifes ID i used by mistake,so just chill a little!

anyway you could be sued for libel/slander,it happens everyday.

you cant prove your alegations,people will sue,the same as you could sue them for saying you were a child molester(of course we all know that isnt true)but a potential employer may have a  dim view of a public statement like that,and not hire you.you could sue for damages,and win.

you have anger issues that border on the xtreeme!

J.T.Ready was like that,and it didnt help him.

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