Wil Cardon Officially Spent Millions of Dollars to Get His Ass Handed to Him by Jeff Flake

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Will Cardon-giggle.jpg
Wil Cardon's short more than $8 million.
As expected, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Wil Cardon spent millions of dollars of his own money for Congressman Jeff Flake to give him a ballot-box ass-whupping.

As soon as the early ballots were counted, it was clear everyone could tuck in the kids early, because it was never close -- ever.

At the time of this post -- with about 86 percent of the precincts reporting -- Flake's sitting just below 70 percent of the vote, while Cardon's at about 21 percent.

All for the low, low price of more than $8 million of Cardon's own cash.

Cardon was almost within 20 percentage points of Flake in a poll once, but that's about as close as he got.

Flake will be running against Democrat Richard Carmona to replace retiring Senator Jon Kyl. Carmona won 100 percent of the votes counted so far, since no Democrat stepped up to piss away millions of dollars.

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8 million dollars....pooffff! gone


Flake is no friend to the voter, not even those who voted for him. 


The bottom line is Falke sucks, but Cardon sucked more.


I had never even heard of this guy until a few weeks ago when one of his massive roadside posters was put up across from my apartment complex.  The next day I was walking my dog, and I noticed that someone had creatively replaced the C with an H...

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