Couple Busted Trying to Find a Dog on Craigslist to "Fornicate" With Sentenced to Probation

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The married couple who pleaded guilty in June to perusing Craigslist to find a dog to bone were sentenced in Maricopa County Court today.

Shane Walker and Sarah Walker received probation today for conspiracy to commit bestiality. Judge Susanna Pineda sentenced Sarah Walker to 24 months of supervised probation and Shane Walker to 18 months of probation.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office set up a good old-fashioned sting in late February to catch people looking to have a good time with animals. MCSO busted the Walkers and their friend, Robert Aucker, when they went to meet up with an undercover deputy and his Golden Shepard mixed-breed dog at after arranging the gig through Craigslist.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and MCSO got a good laugh out of the situation -- sending a letter to Craigslist's CEO and a message to the public saying, "People who do this for enjoyment are a different breed, that's for certain."

The jokes dried up once Sarah Walker alleged that self-described "sex pig" Lee Lubonne sexually assaulted her following her arrest on bestiality charges. She said it was "no coincidence" that Lubonne carried out the alleged assault after she made headlines during the sting, which the Sheriff's Office gave a considerable amount of public attention to.

The Walker are not allowed to possess or care for any animals, as part of their sentence.

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So, this curiosity would be 'doggy treats'? Man's best friend after all...


But were they required to register as sex offenders? 


@phoenixnewtimes Why no jail time - this sends the WRONG message

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