Robert Meza, State Senator, Uses Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton's Family Photo on Campaign Flier Without Permission

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Senator Robert Meza didn't have permission to use this Stanton family photo in this negative ad.
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Campaign fliers sent out by Senator Robert Meza, who is running against Raquel Teran for a seat in Legislative District 30, are causing yet another stir in an already heated race.

Meza apparently snagged an old campaign photo of Mayor Greg Stanton sitting with wife, Nicole, and their two children, and used it in a hit piece against Teran -- without Stanton's permission.

He also used the photo in another piece of campaign literature touting "a message from Phoenix Mayor Greg and Nicole Stanton."

Meza blames the whole thing on a "miscommunication" between him and the graphic designer in Texas who created the fliers.

In the hit piece, Stanton is purported to say: "Stop the dirty campaigning against fellow Democrats" and "Let's have an honest campaign based on facts and experience."

Political insiders say that Stanton -- and his wife -- were fuming about the unauthorized use of the photos and quotes.

Stanton confirms to New Times that "neither Nicole nor I authorized the use of our photos in a negative campaign piece -- for any of the candidates I've endorsed this cycle."

Meza tells New Times that the graphic designer in Texas created the campaign flier and mailed it out without first allowing Meza to review and approve it.

The campaign fliers, sent to residents in the west Phoenix legislative district, were spotted by supporters of Stanton's mayoral campaign, including members of labor unions.

They were reportedly irked because they hit the streets hard for Stanton when he was running for mayor, and now he's endorsing someone who they say has cast anti-union votes during his time at the state legislature.

"Robert Meza asked for my endorsement in late 2011. Robert and I have been personal friends and professional colleagues for many years. I do support his candidacy for re-election to the legislature," he says. "Subsequent to giving him my endorsement, I learned that Raquel Teran was going to be running for that state senate seat. I know her and respect her and admire her."

Bob Grossfeld, a spokesman for the UFCW, didn't say they were upset with Stanton, but says they are upset with "how [Meza] has conducted himself during this election."

Perhaps it's just a coincidence (or our cynicism), but Stanton met with student volunteers on Monday night at UFCW offices and hit the streets with them (not in LD30) to register new voters. Those volunteer teams are part of The Campaign For Arizona's Future, a drive to register at least 40,000 new Latino voters for the 2012 election.

Is Stanton extending an olive branch of sorts?

This is the latest dust-up in Democrat on Democrat race. During this campaign, Meza allegedly threatened to sue a young volunteer working for his opponent's campaign, and he's also filed several election-related complaints against his opponent. One has been filed against him over alleged campaign-finance improprieties.

State election officials are investigating all complaints.

View Meza's other campaign fliers with unauthorized use of the Stanton family name and likeness: Vote for Integrity and A Message from Phoenix Mayor.

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Bob "BottomBoy" Meza continues to shirk responsibility for his actions and always blames others.


His campaign (just like his career) is all about bullshit - how much he can sell, how much he can throw, and how much he can get away with.


Mayor Stanton knows the Dems are inconsequential in this State.  The Republicans have giggered the system so much that they even can run fake candidates and get away with it.  Look at Ken Bennett - a known polluter, in the office of Secretary of State - the same office that registers and documents polluters!!!  The Republicants in this State are as corrupt as they come.  The corruption flows downward with even the cultural institutions becoming corrupted (Russell Pearce and his free sports tickets!).  Hell child rapists can repeatedly rape a little girl and the Sheriff of this County won't even protect her despite having identified her rapist in an initial report.  Then look back over the years with the corruption the Salt River Project has given us and APS with their nuclear waste problems.  The corruption in Arizona is just MASSIVE! 


It's hard just to make a living in this State.




These are just signs of a desperate Meza/Snitz team. Meza/Snitz should be feeling desperate,they are facing a very unhappy constituancy. The time has come to get rid of the ineffective,self=serving polititians in LD30. Don't worry Meza,you can always switch to Republi-Con,you know,join the party that you feel the most loyalty to............BTW, I would like to thank Raquel Teran for coming over to the house to personaly deliver the yard signs and meeting with us. Support for the Teran/Larkin team is growing by the day and I have spoken with many early voters that tell me they have already voted for the Teran/Larkin team.


"Meza blames the whole thing on a "miscommunication" between him and the graphic designer in Texas who created the fliers."  What - no graphic designers in AZ that could do the work?  Couldn't spend his campaign cash to help the local economy?  


I keep getting calls from Ugenti's polling firm - from Tucson (area code 520).  At least that is in state, but its quite a ways from her Scottsdale-area district.


No wonder this legislature has such a poor jobs records - they don't even spend their campaign cash to support local employment.


This seems to be an ongoing trend with these crooked F***S.

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