Rickie Moore of Phoenix Sentenced to 52 Life Sentences in Jackson County, Texas, for Sexual Abuse of Three Children

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Image: Prison shot via www.victoriaadvocate.com
Rickie Moore, 59, of Phoenix, was sentenced this week to 52 life sentences in Texas after being convicted for the sexual abuse of three girls.

A jury in Texas has sentenced 59-year-old Rickie Moore of Phoenix to 52 life sentences for the sexual abuse of three girls.

Which makes us wonder -- since Moore doesn't have 52 lives, can he just be castrated and executed instead?

Ok, harsh. But investigators in the case proved that Moore sexually abused three girls, including one starting when she was 6. No information about the victims was given in an online report by the Victoria Advocate, but it sounds like Moore abused his own family members. The abuse occurred in the late 1980s, and Moore "stalked" his victims across state lines, authorities said. He impregnated one. A Jackson County jury found Moore guilty of several charges listed in indictments filed in 1990 and 2011.

The Advocate article states that:

Rickie Moore, 59, eluded police for years after committing the offenses in 1988 and 1989, sometimes stalking his victims across state lines, Jackson County District Attorney Bobby Bell said. He was arrested by Arizona police in 2011 for panhandling.

However, Arizona records show that Moore was a frequent flier in the local courts throughout the state, being charged with threats, interfering with judicial proceedings and domestic violence in the 1990s. In 1999, he was convicted of forgery and served two years in an Arizona prison.

We e-mailed Bell to find out how Moore could have both "eluded police" and served prison time. Must be something we're missing there.

Despite the many life sentences, Moore will reportedly be eligible for parole in 30 years. Sounds like Texas needs a truth-in-sentencing law.

UPDATE: District Attorney Bobby Bell called us back to let us know that Arizona authorities didn't notify Jackson County about Moore until 2011, after the panhandling charge.

Moore had "gotten to be a pain" in the Phoenix area, aggressively panhandling and harassing locals, Bell says. That spurred authorities here to check him for warrants, and it was discovered that Moore was a fugitive from his Texas indictments on the sex charges.

"We never knew he was in prison" in Arizona, Bell says, adding that prisons often don't research court paperwork from other states. He's not blaming Arizona, but says it's a shame that Moore got to live for many years as a free man, "when he should have been in prison."

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This man is my father and I don't appreciate the slander... my mother was the woman impregnated... and of coarse she was underage when I was conceived... he did not rape her she was banging her step father got caught and claimed rape! My mother stephanie drake is a drug addict and habitual liar she lost custody of me when I was 12 do to drugs and abuse. She is completely and utterly uncredible as a witness and a human being. Yes my father has a past we all do but he isn't rhe monster u make him to be. Since I took the paternity test last year to prove he was my father I found a lot of truths about him he's not all bad! I was fed lies all my life feom my drug addict mother. Before u judge one person, look at both people especially if u dont know the whole story. He was there when I was born, when my grandmother found out who my father was my mother claimed rape is a crock of poop there's other family members (my mothers sister, my fathers daughter) that testified in court as well. I can't speak about the other ppl that accused him. But I do know that he is wrongfully accused for my conception!


This man is my father and I don't appreciate the slander... my mother was one tof those girls... the one impregnated. .. a dna test proved he was my father. My mother is a compulsive liar and drug addict not credible what so ever... she was sleeping with her step father got caught and vlaimed rape

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