Phoenix Cop Christopher Wilson, Liaison to LGBT Community, Admits to Sexual Misconduct With Two Teenage Boys

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Phoenix PD
Christopher J. Wilson
Phoenix police arrested now-former fellow officer Christopher J. Wilson last night for alleged sexual misconduct with two teenage boys.

Wilson admitted to having improper sexual relationships with a 14-year-old and a 17-year-old,  according to Phoenix police Sergeant Trent Crump.

An investigation into Wilson's misconduct began yesterday afternoon after the parents of the 14-year-old victim came forward to police to disclose Wilson's sexual contact with him, Crump says.

The 14-year-old first told his parents about the incidents over the weekend

Wilson knew the 17-year-old through his liaison duties to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, Crump says.

Facing termination, Wilson resigned his position with the Phoenix Police Department.

Wilson's connection to the 17-year-old was discovered by police during interviews with the 14-year-old victim.

The 17-year-old told police that Wilson had engaged in ongoing sexual contact with him. Police suspect that this contact occurred for three to four months -- the same time period that they suspect Wilson had improper contact with the 14-year-old.

Crump says investigators believe the incidents took place while Wilson was off duty. Police are trying to find out whether there were other victims of such misconduct by the former cop.

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Chris is a piece of sh*t. My son is suicidal due to the sexual assault, he threatened my son and my family has been threatened. I called Phoenix PD to report this incident 3 times on a Sat. and THEY REFUSED TO TAKE A REPORT BECAUSE IT INVOLVED ONE OF THEIR OWN. DO NOT TELL ME THEY DON'T COVER UP FOR EACH OTHER!


Chris is a child rapist and knows how to groom boys well and buy them gifts, and give them money.... I'm not talking about my son but the other child involved... makes me so sick to my stomach. You people believe what you want but I swear on my childs life the truth will be told and OUR TRUE STORY will be told. 

To GoodCop = your friend is a child sex offender who doesn't deserve to even be eating. HE alone ruined 2 young boys lives. How is my son supposed to ever trust a man and grow up feeling safe, fall in love and have a family when he TRUSTED a man and looked up to a man who stood up for what my son is all about? 14 yrs old... think about this..... Chris is 43.... disgusting, and what pisses me off the most is he will be protected in prison and live a happy life in prison knowing he ruined 2 children and possibly more lives. 



I am heartbroken about the charges against my fellow partner. Not in a million years would I have ever thought he was capible of these actions. I worked with Chris for years and never saw him behave in any behavior that wasn't complete professionalism. I am not sure what lead to this but I do understand that Chris knew better and has to be held accountable. I am dissappointed to hear anyone say that this is normal practice in the P.D. or that these situations are usually covered up. We are out there everyday putting our life on the line trying to keep this world safe for our loved ones to citizens we have never met. One officers bad choices do not make all the rest of us bad too.      


The sad thing is that so many people are wishing this man well and praying for him like he is the victim but just completely ignoring how he has hurt these boys and ruined their lives! Who would want their own children to ever have to feel this. Yet these idiots are supporting this nasty good for nothing cop.


gerbiler 1 Like

this guy sounds like a good match for the lgbt community.

Babeu 1 Like

Hey Big 7 inch Sheriff Paul, why don't you bring Chris over to see daddy, so he can pray for him. Chris will fit right in with the family. I am sure daddy will open his house up to Chris when he is out on bail and let him sleep in one of the extra bedrooms. Daddy loves his son's that are rapists, and I am sure he might even put his picture on the wall like he has your's and his father's. Say hi to him for me and tell him I do not have to keep my mouth shut for his two babies, Shaun and you. Lucy Babeu

PabloLikesTheYouth 1 Like

Can someone send Chrissie an application to be a LGBT liaison chaplain for PCSO?  He'll need something to do when he's out on bail and out of work. 


Might as well study under the best, Babeu.

Babeu 1 Like

@PabloLikesTheYouth I do not know if Paul would like Chris because he tells the truth about molesting the boys. Paul lies about his young males he molest, then threatens, intimidates them and anyone that brings it up. Paul could give him some tips on how to tell everyone it is his personal business, and he should of said he was not a police officer at the time, just a maintenance worker and responsible for the kitchen work. Paul might just use him to cover his ass. Lucy Babeu


 @Babeu  @PabloLikesTheYouth

 lucy,if this really is you,please keep up the good work on our one trem carpetbagger.

dont let the critics attack your mental health,just tell the truth!

hell were all a little bipolar!



 Hi jeanjb,

Hope you are doing well. This is really Lucy, and I do tell the truth. What is sad, is that fact that Paul and his lawyer attack another group of People that have a mental illness. Paul should know what mental illness is since he was sent to Iraq for a year for a human resource detail, not for combat, to help our own troops for such things as Post traumatic stress disorder. That  is what I have for being severally and repeatlly raped by family members my whole childhood.  I am the only one in the family that has received help for it.

 Paul insults people for it, and put the shame on the victim, which is completely wrong. I have a tape of Paul, where Paul say's, "I wanted to commit suicide because of my rapes." So, Paul has the same mental illness he puts on me and other people. Paul has serious issues and cares about no one, but himself. And this is why he acts out with anger like he does.

Thanks, Jean for the encouraging words and have a nice day. Best regards, Lucy Babeu


sabastiansmom 2 Like

I think its so ironic yhat so much emphasis is placed on monitoring those who get caught urinating in public or downloading what is legally considered to be child pornography. ( I say it like that because even a picture of a teen in a swim suit could legally count as child pornography) . Yet you never hear the true statistics of just how dangerous the boys in blue are, especially with their "above all laws attitude". This guy is just the very very tip of the ice berg. More cops are caught sexually abusing children just on a daily basis then there is registered sex offenders who commit such acts. I hope you dont believe me, I hope you do your research and see this ugly truth for yourself. Here are links to just some of the more recent cases of officers using their power to rob children of their innocence and lives as they know them.

since i cant post links I will just list officers names and do your self a favor and google that shit.


Victor Castillo NM police officer

Willie Clarence Jr Georgia officer

Charles Cusack MD officer

Eric Janusz CO officer

Craig Cantin Cheshire officer

Randolph Grote OH officer

Patrick LeBlanc AL officer

Matthew Kotson W.VA officer

Willie Toney AL officer

Lee John Leonard FL officer

Todd L Smith OH officer

Rod Thompson IA officer

Paul Pierce NY   D.A.R.E. officer (thats right, he worked with little kids everyday)

Gerardo Hernandez TX officer

Noah Pestak NM officer

Darrell Ford KY officer

Wade Williams TN officer

Staneley Dorozynski NY officer

Gregory Vrooman Maine officer

Joshua Carrier CO officer (interesting about him is many on the force went to GREAT lengths to help cover this guys HORRIBLE crimes to little boys)

Michael Mangino CO D.A.R.E officer

Danny Surratt TX officer

Lynn Tabb FL officer

Christopher Branco MA officer

Ronald Baker FL officer

Justin Bowman MESA, AZ OFFICER

Raul Mascorro MN officer

Robert Waterman PA officer

Oscar Rodrigiuez CA officer

Terrence Greenwald WI officer

Derick Hundley TN officer

Charles Long Jr VA officer


there are so many all time, blood boiling favorite example is not of a cop getting a way with whatever they want, its our own Ken Bennetts rapist son. He raped 18 boys with among other objects , broomsticks and flashlights. All charges were dropped except for an assault charge, ensuring that he would not have not have a "sex offender" label, since after all, that might make it difficult to go on his mission. FUCK YOU PIECE OF SHIT RAPIST COPS!!!!!





hey, sebastiansmom,

that's a hell of a f____n' awesome comment.  you're exactly right.  this is the kind of thing that the  vast portion of the "majority population" does not want to acknowledge, does not want to believe, are quick to ignore, and are even complicit with this behavior because the behavior is rampant throughout the society.  it's rampant because it's allowed.  it's common in every economic strata. but especially in law enforcement, military, and high level professions across the board, this behavior is protected and even sanctioned as an unspoken perk and priviledge of whatever profession it happens to be.

in my view, people in uniform are some of the most aggregious perpetrators of this abuse, and in a large way many of us are to blame.  we've allowed ourselves to be manipulated and induced to feel that these uniformed figures are our ultimate protectors and they are the bastions of lawfulness.  because the public has such a myopic view of these men, in a very deliberate and calculated way these individuals, over time, have fashioned their institutions to accomodate their pedophylic desires.  even for newcomers who desire to be apart of law enforcement, military, etc., part of their motivation is because they know they will have power and access to express their behavior.  this power and authority based behavior includes men who rape women and men, not just little boys.

sebastiansmom is right, these uniformed, power hungry, and racist individuals walk around with a badge and gun feeling themselves above the law.  but allow me a moment to qualify my comment here.  by no means am i saying that "all" of these individuals in uniform are stained.    but we, as citizens, must get out of the mindset that this mentality and behavior is unusual, but is becoming more prevelant and moving in the direction of the norm.  as another commenter stated, "it's america's largest and most powerful criminal gang". and that's not an exaggeration.  another commenter's idea of wilson becoming a priest is appropriate, in that, the catholic church is probably the planet's biggest organized purveyor of pedophilia ever known.  and if you've got your eyes open to see, then you know that's no exaggeration either.

i know that many of you reading this do not like what i am saying.  you don't have to.  the truth stands on it's own without your approval.

i could go on and give some historical insight and detail about this behavior in the culture of the "majority population" that goes back centuries into the millenia.  however, this is not the forum.  surely, i've said enough that everyone knows my mindset about this issue, and there's no mistake that i'm in "sebastiansmom's" camp.

toughest job on the planet is being a mom.  they're the protectors and the heroes.  not those cops.

sebastiansmom, you're the hero!!! 

karenpalensl 2 Like

Silly boy 0 he should have become a Priest and had a huge organization to protect him!

This comment has been deleted

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