Paul Babeu and Ex-Boyfriend Jose Orozco Won't Be Charged With Crimes Related to Messy Break-Up

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Sheriff Paul Babeu and Jose Orozco won't face charges releated to their messy break-up, the AG's Office has decided.
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne's office  announced today that it won't file charges against Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu or his ex-lover, Jose Orozco, related to the pair's messy break-up.

As a bombshell Phoenix New Times article by Monica Alonzo revealed last year, Orozco -- who'd been employed by Babeu to help run his campaign's Web and Twitter sites -- accused the sheriff of threatening him with deportation. Babeu, in turn, claimed his former boyfriend had stolen his online identity and hacked into his Web sites without authorization.

Solicitor General Dave Cole, who oversaw the seven-month investigation into the allegations after Horne (a Republican, like Babeu) recused himself from the case, said in a statement that there was no evidence that the sheriff committed a crime. Cole said Oroszo potentially could be charged with harassment, but doing that would be "an inappropriate use of already-limited [prosecutorial] resources."

Orozco had claimed that Babeu threatened to have him deported after their break-up in September 2011 unless Orozco promised to keep their relationship a secret.

Crime or not, the scandal outed the anti-illegal-immigrant sheriff as a homosexual who dated a Mexican immigrant, damaging his reputation among fellow right-wingers. Babeu dropped his bid for Congress three months after the New Times story broke and focused on winning re-election as sheriff.

Babeu won the Republican primary election last week against three competitors and will face a Democrat and an Independent in the general election.

We'll have further coverage on Babeu's so-called "exoneration" later today. Meantime, below are the three reports on the case released by the AG's office:

Turndown sheet

Review of evidence against Orozco

Summary of allegations against Orozco

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New Times went after him with all they had, but the Republicans still love him.


Paul Babeu second talk is a gay desperate to end his relationship with the Mexican José Orozco, because their matrimonial union was scheduled for the month of November, soon after the victory of Barak Obama. Now it is a question in the air: he says that campaigned for Mitt Romney in Arizona. But it was not even invited to denounce contubérnia the relationship between them. Question is in the air: Mitt Romney is also gay?Desfazer edições


Babeu will probably get re elected. With a Democrat and a Independant running against him he should win. Babeu sucks.

Mary Doe
Mary Doe

No. I would love to see a shotgun wedding for these two idiots. Will pay to see, actually.

TommyCollins topcommenter

No surprise on this one. It finally occurred to me why Babeu's ears seem bigger than normal. I suppose it's his lack of hair, eh?


I'm sure there is plenty of affection to go around.


The Republic reported on March 7th that "[Chris] DeRose denies ever having the Sept. 12 conversation [with Melissa Weiss-Riner] and on Wednesday [March 7th] repeated his claim that he never asked Orozco to sign a non-disclosure contract."  


Has he now reversed himself on both counts?  


On the basis of what evidence does the AG's Office accept his account -- or one of his conflicting accounts -- of the conversation with Weiss-Riner over hers?  Is it normal procedure in AZ to privilege the testimony of witnesses who change their stories over those who don't?


Doesn't surprise me at all in Arizona where the law can break the law anytime they want.

...and this sleazball will get reelected.

Just goes to show Arizona voters have no shame.



 Why did AG believed Chris DeRose and Not Atty Melissa ? Jose's Atty, Melissa sent many written letter to Chris DeRose  talking about Jose's immigration issue. Why AG didn't say anything about it? 

DeRose, why did not you want anything written to setup the outstanding allegations with Melissa Weiss ? Why did you always called her ? Should people give you advice to file your cases? are you really an atty ?

Kurt Kusanovich lied to AG to attack Jose. Kurt Kusanovich is talking about himself impersonating. Kurt has a facebook with different name. Why are you impersonating, hiding to / from ? employers ? about you being gay? Kurt tried hard to get Jose and he never got him that is the only reason attacking Jose.

Kusanovich wrote in Arizona republic making false accusations about Jose's status, and jose's brother status and some other false acusations, at the same time he was talking to sheriff studboi. those comments will backlash on kurt and babeu and a real investigation will comes up again with the truth 

Kurt say why you got lay off ???


Babeu's relationship with a 17 yo student when he was headmaster of a Mass. School for troubled kids would have been a felony in Arizona. This means Babeu lied to become a chandler cop and never should have been allowed to be a LEO.

robert_graham topcommenter

 @lostcause Yes Sheriff Paul will be re-elected.  And so will Arpaio.  It's good that he is not being charged with a crime because a crime never happened.  And it is good that charges against Arpaio have been dropped because nothing illegal ever happened.  Too bad if you don't like it but that is fact!  Oh and by the way, our new President will be elected in November and he won't be a Democrat.



 There seems to be a lot of changes to the stories and forgetting of information in this investigation on Chris DeRose part and Paul's. For example, when there was a email left by Jose by Chino Valley News, Lynn LeMaster contacted Chris DeRose and Paul and she deleted it for them. In it place, Chris DeRose has her blame it on me, Lucy Babeu, saying, "It is Paul's mentally ill sister". They were doing that to hide Jose from coming out to the public about Paul being on any gay nude website and used me to slander and harass. In the report here is the email that I had never seen:


JANUARY 2012On 1/7/2012 at 1019 hours, Chino Valley News received an email notification that indicatedsomeone had posted a comment in response to a Chino Valley News article titled, "Sheriff PaulBabeu Announces Run for CD4."  The email included a copy of the comment, which read: "This guys portraits himself as a public service helper, as hero. The facts are his own speech anda microphone. he makes false statements and alter statistics. The real paul babeu is the onewho had a profile on advertising for sex with photos t-shirtless and dirty conversations with gays. For all conservatives, being gay is a big issue, but having a weird sexualbehavior with young males and dishonesty is a really big trouble for this superstar."

Now the comment left about me was never mentioned in the investigation. Why not Chris DeRose or Paul? You two just try to make it look like your the sweet little angels. There are a lot more evidence that was not included in there. It is amazing when you get to read the documents and you hear what happened before, you know that Chris and Paul are both two big liars. Lucy Babeu

teknik topcommenter

 @Guest he's a member of the club, therefore he's above the law and better than the rest of us.

shadeaux14 topcommenter

 @Guest On the same basis that the AG didn't prosecute Pearce for illegal Fiesta Bowl gifts, and on the same basis he didn't prosecute Arpaio for the myriad of crimes he and the MCSO have committed.


On the basis that they are all Republicans.



 No kidding...people here would elect a pedophile if he had a R after his name.

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