"Pastor" Michael Salman Accused of Fraud -- Anyone Surprised?

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Look at this book I (allegedly) cooked!
Ex-gang member/Pastor Michael Salman and his wife are accused of defrauding AHCCCS -- the state's Medicaid program -- to the tune of $73,000.

Salman, the one-time party headliner for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, was indicted by a grand jury on several felony charges related to lying about his household income to receive AHCCCS benefits.

His brother's also accused of ripping off AHCCCS, Attorney General Tom Horne announced yesterday.

AHCCCS' inspector general's office told us that it can't consider releasing reports that are  being used in criminal prosecutions so we'll have to wait a bit for all the details.

Salman has been passing off questionable claims about himself (almost exclusively related to religious persecution) for years now, which started with his illegal backyard church -- the reason he's currently serving a 60-day jail sentence.

As far as his latest indictment, is anyone really surprised that Salman is accused of fraud?

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I have two brothers (.both ( pastors) both phony as hell in the name  of the Lord .They all have the same salesman like aproach ....can I get an Amen Brothers and Sisters?


Wow, the headline puts "pastor" in quotes, then identifies the Man of God as an "ex-gang member." No mistake about the editorialization or which side the paper is on.


The story byline should read  "By biased and anti-Christian bigot Mathew Handley."


We have to "...Wait for the details..." to get the other side of the story... yeah, so far we have a factless accusation by the ... surprise! - same prosecutor who slammed Salman in prison for parking violations.


Judging from the anti-Christian bias of the rest of the media, looks like they won't write the "rest of the story" until they wish they could - after the government comes after the media and is regulating it like the USSR's Pravda. 


Anyone thumping a bible and asking for money is a fraud


 @fairbro Factless? If you look at his fact sheet, he's clearly a fraud. When his wife had her baby, she was on ACCESS ( which, if you didn't know, is for those who are financially needy. The Salmans are FAR from financially needy). And that's just one example.


 @fairbro I tell you, if this anti Christian things continue, churches are going to soon be limited to only every other corner.

TommyCollins topcommenter


 You got that right, Marcy. I have no problem with folks who wish to use a bible, Torah, or any other written instrument as a life guide. But when they start using that instrument as the catalyst for income, along with their statements such as, "Jesus told me...". then I have problems. Salman is a phony...

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